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Subject Leader reports to Governors

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by headforheights, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. headforheights

    headforheights New commenter

    Does anyone have or use a particular format for subject leaders to report to the governing body?
    Would you be willing to share?
  2. brian37

    brian37 New commenter

    We use a Curriculum Health Check - 2 sided format. Please email me at scase92@gmail.com if you would like a copy.
  3. headforheights

    headforheights New commenter

    You have mail.

    Many thanks
  4. This would be so useful for me too. Would you mind if I asked for a copy too.
    Thank you
  5. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    Hi brian,
    Sorry to be cheeky but could I request a copy of your format too? I've sent you an email.
    Thanks if you can help
  6. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    Thank you for your email -much appreciated.
  7. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but would there be any chance I could get a copy too? Have emailed the address you have given. Many thanks in advance if you are able to help[​IMG]
  8. <font face="Calibri">Dear Brian37! </font><font face="Calibri">Hope I have contacted you in the correct manner? Apologies if not. Read your response re the above on TES Connect and wondered if you could let me have copies?</font>
  9. You have more mail.
    Thank you!

  11. Dear Brian,
    Will e-mail you at scase92@gmail.com. Thank you for your kind offer.
    Lima, Peru
  12. A copy of the "Health Check" would be greatly appreciated. volteas@hol.gr
    Thank you so much!
  13. mumbobumbo

    mumbobumbo New commenter

    Would you mind emailing a copy to me too? I have emailed you.
  14. Could I have a copy of the health check too please? Many thanks
  15. Laughing Gravy

    Laughing Gravy New commenter

    I would very much appreciate a copy too from someone who would be kind enough to share. Thank you in advance.
  16. Would you mind emailing another copy of the health -check to me too? many thanks in advance twomugsoftea@googlemail.com
  17. If you still are able to send copies of your curriculum health check, I would really appreciate one!
    Thank you so much. It sounds just what I need!
  18. It sounds your health check would be really useful, if you don't mind please could I have a copy too?
    My email is: johngregory19@hotmail.co.uk


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