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Subject Knowledge - Year 6 Worries.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by SingMeALullabyx, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. SingMeALullabyx

    SingMeALullabyx New commenter

    Hi all,

    I have been really lucky up until now to say that I have been really enjoying the PGCE. My first placement was in a Year 3/4 class and my last placement was in a Year 2 class which I loved! I definitely think I am an upper KS1 / lower KS2 teacher.

    However for my final independent placement (which starts Monday) I have just found out that I have been put in Year 6 - having just gone through the sample papers for SATS I am very concerned my subject knowledge is just not good enough!

    I'm not sure whether I need to just crack on and take this as a good learning experience - or whether I am better asking for a change of class? My concern is I will be spending so much time teaching myself the subject knowledge for each subject I will be spending hours every evening trying to plan - which when teaching 80% might be crippling? I have been graded 1s up until now and am concerned my grades will drop if I am not up to scratch?

    Any words of advice or guidance would be really appreciated - especially for those trainees who have been, or who are currently in year 6!

  2. Bumblebee435

    Bumblebee435 New commenter

    Don't panic about your grades. If they go down a bit, doesn't matter so much. PGCE is a pass or fail at the end of the day.

    I wouldn't ask to change, a range of year groups shows flexibility and adaptability. Call it professional development and see it as a good challenge. My PGCE is KS2/3 but I have led interventions and team taught in KS1 and KS4 too although my main placement has been lower KS2 as well. Top set KS4 is where the students really started to challenge me, but I found year 1 a huge challenge too, such small people!

    Go for the challenge head on and grow with it, I say.

    Good luck!
  3. oHelzo

    oHelzo Occasional commenter

    Go with it! You might love it :) I loved my independent placements: the subject knowledge stretched me and the behaviour management was a dream so we could actually get on with the learning.

    The only thing I found difficult was the lack of pupil feedback - they just sat and worked quietly, whereas at a previous city school they would have been rioting if the lesson was rubbish or they weren't getting it. So build that into your lessons with them so you know what they're thinking / understanding.
  4. Snoopy1975

    Snoopy1975 New commenter

    Your mentor will let you know what's expected on your first day so I would really try not to worry until you know what's what! The SATs are so close that you may find initially that you're doing foundation subjects, PE or science. Colleagues of mine who were placed in 6 on their PGCE only taught Maths and English after the SATS were over and they were given freedom to have fun with the children. Read up on what you're told to cover and you'll be fine. Good luck!

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