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Subject knowledge for PGCE 3-7

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by hlwinson, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. hlwinson

    hlwinson New commenter

    I have a place to study PGCE primary 3-7 years this September. Intended to start reading up to consolidate subject knowledge on National Curriculum subjects. Will have school placements in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Unsure whether I will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of Key Stage 2 subjects in addition to Key Stage 1 to achieve QTS. If anyone has experience of similar situation and can advise me I would be really grateful, thanks.
  2. greenb

    greenb New commenter

    Hi @hlwinson,
    From my experience (EY primary trainee) I'd be sure to have good subject knowledge for KS2 as well. That way you get an idea of where the children are going with their learning and will, importantly, give you the confidence to understand and teach it, and what things you can do to help progress.
    Once you start, you realise there is so much out there to learn, read, get to grips with - so I would honestly try and use the time before September to brush up on simpler things like this.

    And - if you don't have much knowledge already - have a read about child development and early childhood. This will help enormously!! (in my opinion at least!)

    Good luck, enjoy your summer and the course!!

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