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Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Phillip999, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I assume that either you applied in the previous application period ie Sept 2009 or you only have to a short SKE course?

    My undergraduate degree was in Geography meaning that I need to do the 6 month SKE course.I applied in February this year and has a deferred place on entry starting in September 2012.
  2. Yn

    have you spoke to your uni about what will happen if the courses don't exist. I'm 60% certain I overheard a conversation about SKEs being definite next year, I might have misheard.

    the interview timing was quite unlucky as a lot of courses start in Feb.
  3. Hi Phillip

    I'm waiting to hear about a SKE and a deferred PGCE position for chemistry from two places, at my last interview the course leader said they were very successful and he has some excellent students who have come from an SKE (he actually said they were better than those who came from a related degree route) and believes they will continue. I have been told they were expecting to hear by end of March and have now been told another 2 to 3 weeks. They had had a meeting that suggested they would be going ahead but no full confirmation yet. I check my emails everyday still!


    Ps. I'm on an iPad so might be missing gaps, apologies.
  4. Hey Ali

    Thanks, I really hope that a decision will be made in the next few weeks as I been waiting for a long time now! Both Brighton and Chichester, where I want to do the SKE course will not start interviews until the government confirms what is happening with SKEs.

    Last week I rang up the Department of Education who told me that a decision on SKEs and teacher training in general starting Sept 2012 would be made in the summer, although she couldn't tell me when in the summer.

    From talking to training providers they seem confident that funding will continue whilst the TDA don't seem to know much. However it is obviously in their interest to tell me they are confident so that I don't look at other options. Mr. Gove's rhetoric of having specialists in the classroom and the fact that SKEs are under review makes me think that either they will be scrapped or significantly altered.

    I have written a letter of complain to the Department of Education arguing that it is unfair to pull funding to an entry route into teaching which has been advertised ie through 6/9 month SKEs. The changes to EMA funding and tuition fees both affect future students (granted lower 6th will receive a maximum of £20 a week not £30). Any changes to SKEs should be fully implemented before the application period beings not during it as it leaves many individuals who have a place on a course which they are unsure exists.

    Am awaiting their reply.
  5. wkclark

    wkclark New commenter

    I've heard that the course I am currently on (SKE Physics at SHU) is definitely on next year... anecdotal evidence, I know, but some evidence is better than no evidence! Also heard that 7/8 Chem teachers who've got jobs off the PGCE this year were SKE-ers! Afterall, SKE is designed to make teachers more employable! Guess it works!
    Good luck!!
  6. Cheers, hopefully they will make a final decision soon so I can get on with things!
  7. Hey I have recently been told by the the DfE and training providers that SKE courses will be running from this September although no-one could tell me about funding. Has anyone heard anything about whether the bursaries will still exist and whether anyone has been offered an interview for an SKE ? Cheers

  8. I don't think you need an interview, if you have a pgce place then you'll get an SKE place, just first come first served to each place that runs them. I hope your bursaries aren't cut as I've found it essential, there's so much work to do that part time work isn't really an option. I'm doing 10 hours a week and its actually killing me, so much work to do.

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