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Subject interview for PGCE English @ Leeds Trinity

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by bethanjones1289, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    <font size="2">I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me with advice and tips for
    the subject interview I will be attending at Leeds Trinity next week? I'm
    wondering what to expect, such as particular areas of knowledge they will look
    for and what kind of questions may be asked. </font>

    <font size="2">Would be grateful for any input, Thanks!</font>

  2. jag79

    jag79 New commenter

    Have they sent you any material you have to discuss? When I went for my interview there I was sent a poem that I needed to read and discuss. This was in 2004 though!
    I made the mistake of underpreparing and thinking they would like to "discuss" as they said. What they meant was a thorough analysis and a discussion of how you would get this across to students.
    The subject interview was quite rigorous so I would definitely get a feel of the kind of texts that are studied and make sure you can show good knowledge of prose/poetry/plays. They were defintitely focused more on literature than language elements. I did my English degree there and only studied one small language module in three years...
  3. grrrlatrix

    grrrlatrix New commenter

    When I was interviewed there was a spelling test, an unseen poem to analyse and discuss how you would explain it to a student.
    They asked me who my favourite author was and why I wanted to be a teacher. They wanted to know which literature texts I'd studied (I didn't have an English degree... or English A Levels, so 'not many' was the answer). There is normally a group task/discussion I seem to remember, but I was a late applicant so this didn't happen.
    I think they asked questions about what I thought would make a good teacher, but I can't remember exactly.
    If the same tutors are there then it will be very much focused on you and your interests and strengths, rather than your qualifications.

    Good luck. I loved the course!


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