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Subject Coordinator

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Takeaway-Resources, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Takeaway-Resources

    Takeaway-Resources New commenter

    I have been asked to be RE coordinator from September. I'm an NQT so have never done this before.
    Does anyone have any tips / advice of what I'm meant to do in this role? Anything I should be reading up about?
    H x
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

  3. Dont worry about it. RE is a small subject to coordinate - all you really need to do is get your head around the NC expectations, ask for RE planning/examples of work every so often (once a year should be enough) to show you are 'monitoring' (You could choose a certain area of RE to monitor if you wanted to be specific).
    Also you'll probably be in charge of budget - it's a good idea to ask staff if they feel there any gaps in resourcing to cover the RE curriculum adequately.
    It is not a biggy and you'll find little is asked of you- I actually dont even know who our RE coordinator is! Just do a bit of research as you'll be the first port of call if people need advice but its OK to say "I dont know, but i'll find out".

  4. hi,

    most important thing is to get your hyands on the R.E co-ordinator file and have a look at last years action plan (if there is one) and review how well the targets have been hit. Then review it and use to inform next years action plan. Is your subject part of the SDP? Ask if you could buddy up with another subject co-ordinator that is what we do at our school when someone is new. Have a think how you are going to monitor your subject, what is being taught in your school to ensure coverage?

    Hope that is some help
  5. I took over the role of RE coordinator in September. Let me know you're email address and I will forward you a few useful bits and bobs!
  6. Hi Lucy,
    I've just started in this role and am also floundering a bit! Could you possibly let me have a copy of your RE bits as well?
    If so, my email address is cmford@hotmail.co.uk
  7. There is a new RE curriculum coming out, our coordinator has just been on a course - check with your LA
  8. You have mail :)
  9. Takeaway-Resources

    Takeaway-Resources New commenter

  10. notsonorthernlass

    notsonorthernlass New commenter

    I was under the impression that it isn't allowed (or at any rate isn't good practice) for a teacher to coordinate any subject in his or her NQT year?

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