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Stuff the housing market and stuff mortgage advisors

Discussion in 'Personal' started by disguise, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I have spent weeks being led to believe by my mortgage advisor I had the funds to move if I did this n that with my mortgage and could afford somewhere bigger. Whilst I'd easily get a bigger mortgage on my wages my outgoings don't match this. So I toned down my serach to bigger flats not houses and the more I go over the figures and having spoken to another mortgage advisor, the figures don't stack up at all.

    I'd really pinned my hopes on getting away from my sodding neighbours and living with a bit more space. The positive valuation on my flat was about the only good thing happening to me recently and even though I keep searching rightmove for a bargain I know realistically this won't happen. Especially when the bargains I am looking at undercut what I'd need to sell mine for. If people can get a bigger flat for less money why would they want to buy mine?!

    Hmph. I am a bit deflated about this now. Here goes another few years here and a potential huge hike in mortgage costs when my fixed rate runs out in a yr and a half.

    Wish I'd never bought this poxy flat. Yes I'd never have got on the market otherwise (100% mortgage) but frankly for the amount of mortgage/maintenance I pay I could rent a *** house.

    Hmph again and rant over.
  2. I need to find a way to move out of my flat. Even if it means I am flat broke forever. My neighbours are driving me mad with the sodding music at full volume every Saturday and Sunday. I've moaned to the council, and them. They turn it down then the next day it happens all over again.

    Talk about being driven out of your own home. What do they care? they neither own their home nor pay rent on it. That's what drives me barmy. My taxes pay THEIR rent but they are driving me insane :(
  3. Get another fixed rate now while rates are still so low. If your valuation was good you might have a better Loan to Value ratio than when you bought the flat and that'll get you a better rate than you would on 100%.

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