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Students Smoking

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by FluffyKat, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Schools USED to exclude them. That didn't work. You can throw every punishment you want at them. It won't work. I know 'clout' should work. It might with some students, but not with the mindset of a student who willingly takes such a dangerous drug. You ought to figure that if they were willing to start smoking, their brains aren't in the right place anyway to respond to dissuassion.
    You have fulfilled your duty of care to the students that smoke and told the parents.
    Your only issues are Health and Safety and other students. If they smoke where it might cause a fire quietly tell them to go somewhere that what they are doing won't. I usually say something like, "Look, I don't know what it is you are doing or have been doing here, but IF what you were doing might cause a fire risk, could you consider doing whatever it was you were doing somewhere less hazardous?" And then I walk off.
    Smokers are addicts. In many ways more strongly addicted than some Class A drugs. You must approach them in this way. At their age, they simply won't give up. What you can try to do is stop them from spreading that addiction to other students. Isolate them. Make sure that wherever they hang out, it is on site but out of bounds. Make sure that if they use school transport to school, that they do so without smoking on the bus (they will).
    If parliament made it illegal to smoke on school premises, MAYBE you could do more, but ...
  2. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    It is illegal in many areas (for example was in Gloucestershire LA when I worked there in the 1990s!) I'd be surprised if it isn't here too...
    IMHO if you know they are smoking there you ahve a duty of care to stop them - otherwise you are condoning it; wait for something to happen and the little ***** will soon sue you. Me - I'd organise a round up and confiscate all smoking material every day and refuse to return it (after warnings that this would happen, of course).

  3. The school grounds will have a no smoking policy, which by today's standards, is legally enforceable. How about a 'whole school' letter home outlining this and a follow up visit in assembly by your local community officer? Smoking on school property is not only illegal but also poses a fire risk. Surely such a thing would void the schools insurance should anything happen.
  4. jonathandix

    jonathandix New commenter

    All great feedback. Will see what we can do!
    Any more tried and tested will be welcome.
  5. Ours go into inclusion the first time they are caught, and then exclusion after that. people with the smokers (but not actuallt smoking) have a SLT detention.
    Seems to work, it's now only a few hardcore smokers that still carry on.
  6. We give detentions for being in "out of bounds" areas, so no arguing about who was smoking, just holding a cigarette for someone else, just walking by etc etc. Students suspected of smoking have their cigarettes and lighters etc confiscated. Parents are informed and students are offered a smoking cessation programme.
  7. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Best fun is to play 'one man and his dog' with them. I used to do this with a colleague when we were on break duty together. The one with the free before break goes out 2 mins before the bell and positions themselves where they can see the smokers spot but where they can't be seen themselves until the kids reach that spot. So the bell rings and a hoard of kids races down the side of the tennis court to hide behind the embankment at the bottom. As they turn the corner they spot me. Squeel of brakes and they all leg it back up the hill towards the school buildings where there is another concealed corner. By this time colleague has arrived and is covering that. So they head off across the field. By this time I have moved to cover the third favourite spot. This goes on for 20 minutes with a group of kids being remotly controlled by 2 staff who never get withing 50 yards of them. Bell goes and they have to go back to lessons. Sadly they dropped the pairing covering the back of the school as they needed to double up duty in the canteen. You can still move them about on your own but it is more tiring (still fun though).
  8. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    A wonderful sense of power.
    Time was when I would walk up, cigarettes would go up sleeve. I would greet students "lovely day, do like the fresh air....". They would get more and more agitated and eventually lose their nerve and sidle off when they realised I was there for the duration.
    I'm not sure where they go now - some other part of the school site - but I don't know where.
    To the original OP, I would have thought that a concerted approach is the job of the SLT to establish protocols. In our place smoking around school seems to have taled off enormously, they're not lighting up 1 corner away from the school at 3 O'clock either.
  9. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I did that once. I stood there until the girl's jacket sleeve started to smoke![​IMG]
  10. oldskool71

    oldskool71 New commenter

    1 day in the isolation room
    temp exclusion for repeat offenders

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