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Students in Years 8 / 9 at risk of underachievement – key issues?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by CLWalker99, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. CLWalker99

    CLWalker99 New commenter

    Hello, I work with schools to support students in Years 8 & 9 who are at risk of underachievement. I’d really value feedback on what you feel are the key issues for these students? Is it motivation? Low aspirations? Lack of confidence? What else? Thank you for your thoughts.
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I think each year group can manifest with its own specific issues. I assume you mean academic underachievement ? Suspect this is a massive part of your problem - students only perceived as being of worth / value in terms of as an exam grade / number and often recipients of a curriculum which is not fit for purpose.
  3. CLWalker99

    CLWalker99 New commenter

    Thanks minnie me for your reply, I appreciate it. Yes, I did mean academic underachievement. I didn’t mean any offence by that, of course young people have so much value beyond their academic grades. And the curriculum isn’t suitable for all. I’d like to support young people with their mindset, and belief in themselves, to build towards higher aspirations and confidence, so that supports them to can engage with their learning, and improve their academic levels. I’d like to understand more from a school’s point of view what the key issues are so I can offer the right support. From your experience, what are the typical issues that these students in say Year 8 manifest? Thanks again for your feedback.
  4. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    We used to refer to the Y8 dip. Y7 can be exciting ,different, new opportunities ( extra curricula / subjects ) and friends for example. Y9 - now sees students start GCSE courses and many years ago were taken up with SATs prep so I suppose a sense of purpose ? Y8 - maybe students off to a decent start and happy to 'coast 'or a less than successful start and 'labelled' and rebel ?

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