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Student teachers with NQT's

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lilly h, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Quick question....
    Are student teachers allowed to take the lessons of NQT's?


    Lilly H
  2. You can take anyone's lessons with the school's (mentor's) permission.
  3. Hi
    There is no legal reason why not - but you and the school must remember that you are on induction and, as such need to gather evidence that you are meeting the core standards. If it is not impacting significantly on your teaching timetable, if you are not designated as the 'mentor' and if otherwise your are progressing well towards meeting the induction standrads then I see no problem.
  4. In my school we don't allow trainees to take NQTs lessons. This is mainly because we have had a situation in the past where an NQT has used the fact a trainee took their lessons for part of the year as part of their case for appeal against being told they are not making adequate progress against the standards for induction. This has understandably meant that as a school we're wary of putting ourselves in this position.

  5. The idea makes me uneasy, as an NQT. This is supposed to be time for us to get a strong foothold and to progress towards induction standards. Taking classes away from us makes that much harder. I fear I may be in that position soon :( We're having a PGCE student at easter, at the same time as one of the only two non-NQTs in the department is leaving. And he is my specialism...

    I guess I don't really have a case to say no.

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