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Student teacher job worries

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Miss-S18, May 4, 2019.

  1. Miss-S18

    Miss-S18 New commenter


    I'm currently doing my PGCE and I'm feeling under pressure (from uni and my parents) to start looking and applying for jobs. The only issue is, my first placement was awful and really knocked my confidence. My second placement was much better, and I felt more confident about teaching. I've got one more block practice left in the second placement before we finish the course, but I don't want to leave finding a job until then. On the other hand, I feel anxious about applying for jobs now because I don't feel confident/capable enough at this moment in time.

    Do I wait to see how my second block practice goes to see if I get more confident? Or think about supply in September? Or maybe part time? I'm really not sure what to do, but I'm very aware of how quickly I'm running out of time to make a decision.

  2. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    I suggest applying for jobs just for the experience of having an interview and teaching an interview lesson, so when a job comes up that you're really interested in / when you feel ready, you'll have already been through the application and interview experience.

    Schools know you're a trainee, and not the polished finished product - well, some schools don't know this, but they are not the schools you want to work for, so them turning you down is no loss!

    For what it's worth I felt the same at this point in my PGCE. I didn't get a job until June, and I hadn't applied to many. I felt completely incompetent until towards the end of that first year, when I had another interview, and it went well - by that point I had had a greater overview, and saw how things fitted together, how the GCSE curriculum worked etc.
  3. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I would suggest you go ahead and look for jobs. You never know - one might come up that feels right! It's hard enough going back after a 6-week summer holiday - I feel if you don't apply for jobs you might well lose your confidence. I would also say that supply teaching is a hard gig - day in day out to classes and schools you don't know, routines you're unsure of - as an NQT I would have found this soul-destroying. Good luck.
  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Start looking around and when you see a post you like the look of, apply.
    You have got ages yet and there will be a large flurry of vacancies just after May half term, and only people such as yourself can apply for those.

    Don't worry about being 'good enough'. A great many applicants have the exact same worry. I've been teaching for over twenty years and still don't feel 'good enough'. Experience tends to mean you just get better at covering up your lack of confidence.

    Start having a general nosy about and take your time to apply for posts you really want. Talk to your mentor about how you feel and get their help with application writing.

    Best of luck...you sound great.
    We have a vacancy if you are interested in something 50 miles or so west of London.
  5. celago22

    celago22 Established commenter

    You may aswell just apply for jobs. You may not be offered the first one but try to get feedback from the Headteacher and this might give you some confidence as generally they will give you constructive feedback.
    The best piece of advice I can give, is make sure that the school is right for you. You will get a general feeling when you go there.
    Good luck!
  6. supplyteacher007

    supplyteacher007 New commenter

    You will get there in the end, I went for a 3 interviews after finishing my PGCE last year but I was just so under-confident at the time I was never going to get a job! Almost a year later of working on supply and volunteering building up my confidence and 5 interviews later I have finally got a teaching job for September! Don’t worry there are always ways around everything
  7. studentteacha

    studentteacha New commenter

    I've had two interviews so far and I was rejected by both! I'm currently in my final placement and almost everyone I know is landing a job. I personally think the first interview affected my confidence and so my 2nd was unsuccessful...

    I think the key to this is perseverance and keep applying. You're better off applying and failing than not applying at all.
  8. Miss-S18

    Miss-S18 New commenter

    @blueskydreaming @Abitofeverything @caterpillartobutterfly @celago22 @supplyteacher007 @studentteacha

    Thanks all for your kind words of advice! I'm in the process of applying for a position at my placement school (the one I felt more confident in) so fingers crossed! As you say, even just having the experience of a teaching interview will help I think, and if anything more happens then that's a bonus! I kind of want to get the job, particularly if it means I never have to go through the process of filling out another application form or writing another sodding personal statement...
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