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Student teacher comparing two worlds...

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by LaurenAmy25, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I am a student teacher who has just begun my second placement and seeking opinions of others.
    My first placement was in a school in a generally socially and economically deprived area, the children did not have much and subsequently did not expect a lot. However, the school I worked in was a fantastic, safe, productive and inspiring environment for them (gushing I know!). Teaching and learning was of a high standard, granted not mind blowing in all areas but still very good. Aside from this the school provided everything I feel the pupils needed, a clean, very well maintained, organised school and this reflected in their high motivation - something I did not hugely expect them to have. I left the school with an image of what a school should provide to pupils and the positive effects of doing so.
    However, I feel I may have been somewhat deluded to expect this from everyone in every school. My second placement greeted me with children of a similar background. However, the school is in a poor state, with piles of books, files and paper in most classrooms which sceam of disorganisation. Teams do not seem to work well together, and I feel the pupils read this and it reflects explicitly in their attitude and behaviour.
    Although I understand that not all schools are in a fantastic position with budgets and not everything can be pefect, I still feel so much could be done to create a better envrionment for the pupils on a daily basis through motivation of staff to get organised.
    Rant over...
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    there are far too many variables to make any standard comparisons... some may be...
    Managment differences
    staff turnover frequency
    competition between departments
    general age of staff overall
    budget constraints
    competition with other schools in the community
    plus many many more... My advice... Its one of those things, a shame yes, but just one of those things. If you haven't realised yet...just shut up and put up, say nothing, simply crack on and hope you get a job in a good school when you qualify.

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