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Student Surveys

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Minichanic, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I am currently in the process of auditing the department (as a new HoD) and I would like to conduct a student survey/questionnaire, to hear their veiws about learning in science etc, as I believe they would provide valuable information that I wouldn't get from lesson obs and learning walks.
    Have any of you conducted a student survey? If so how, and could I have a template?
    How did you present it to students to stop them whinging that they don't do enough practicals and being disrespectful about specific teachers?
  2. ;-) ask them WHY they would prefer more practical?
  3. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Can you pm your email, I'll send you what I've got. It's MFL, but hopefully you'll get a few ideas...
  4. The easiest way to gain data like this is to use your VLE which allows you to quickly create a survey - all you do is senf the link to your students and once the data comes in you can produce some visual graphics to represent the results.


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