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Student Planner on a Mobile Phone App

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by whitestrat, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi, I saw this website (www.app4school.co.uk) and they provide a school planner for students on a mobile phone app (iphone and andriod). It seems they personalise the app to your school and it has all the functions from a normal paper planner like timetable, diary, homeowrk etc. The main thing I spotted was the function to send out messages to all the phones with the app. I was thinking this could be great with the sixth form, but wanted to trial it first. Has anyone seen this website? Does anyone know if its good? Does anyone know how much they charge?
  2. Totally agree with mymoose, pupils would use it as an excuse to text friends go on Facebook etc. however a decent teacher planner app would be useful, there are some out there but Iv yet to find the perfect one!
  3. If you have an Exchange mail server then you can feasibly contain all of this information in student timetables exported from SIMS and if you run Sharepoint (included partially in your Windows network setup licensing (dependent upon setup)) then you can export this whenever you want and tie in the SIMS learning gateway.

    And what app does it use? Why the generic email app provided with most smartphones.I use mine to sync mailboxes, calendars, meetings, tasks and it's all updated from any machine or my phone/browser.

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