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Student Panel Interview....potential questions?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon8315, May 14, 2011.

  1. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    I have been asked:
    • How would I deal with bullying
    • How would I involve reluctant students in a lesson
    • What sort of homework do I set, and why
    • What attracts me to X school
    • Why did I become a secondary English teacher
    • What are the best and worst things about an average day
    • What are my best and worst personality traits
    However all of mine have been different but they tend to be quite 'nice' questions, albeit similar so you find yourself repeating yourself a lot!
    Good luck.
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Yep. All pretty standard stuff!
    Good luck.
  3. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Very helpful, thank you.
  4. Purely out of curiosity when did these become standard? They weren't around last time I was job-hunting (perhaps four years ago, now.)
    And how are the questions decided upon?
  5. we're having head teacher interviews after half term, and they will be facing a student panel too. it will be the student council asking the questions. Over the next week or so in tutor timme each tutor group has been asked to think of 3 or so questions they would like to ask the interviewee. The rep from each form group will take the questions to the council, where they will decide what to ask.
    Some of the questions have been great, some have been awful. I.e. 'How do you think your experience so far in schools relates to this school?' vs 'Are you nice' !!
  6. Hehe!
    Mind you, that's a question <u>I'd</u> like to ask future HTs!
  7. someone suggested to me (year 7) 'Miss shall we ask them what there favourite colour is?'
  8. I've been asked: 'do you think it's important to be liked?' I said 'respect is more important' etc. Have also been asked about how I could contribute to school clubs.
  9. About 10 years, I would say

    Possibly depending on the school/stage but certainly Secondaries in the area I work it would be this long

    In my school we have a set of about 20 questions that were developed by students some time ago and the students on a panel (usually 4 or 5) choose 1 or 2 each ... they get added to every so often if someone thinks of a good one (or a relevant to the school at that time one)

    The list in post 2 was of the type
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  10. NB

    Our A Level students often ask questions about specific subject interests
  11. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    RF - what do you mean? Subject knowledge type questions? Am I going to get a spelling test lol!
  12. LoL

    One PE A level student asked about sporting interests outside the curriculum

    In the Head of Maths interview a lad asked where they would recommend
    university-wise if he wanted to do a maths degree

    In a drama interview there was quite an interesting discussion on theatre preference that I did not really follow

    Points to remember (imo)

    Our students introduce themselves; name, year group and level of study
    they like it if the candidates remember those

    The teacher in the room is watching your interactions (in my school this is the purpose of this panel

    I have seen some really patronising responses and candidates who say what they think is "cool"
    ... baaaaaaaaaad ... the kids squirm

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