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Student Panel at interview

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by mycam, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Dear Theo
    One of the interviews I have this week will have a student panel in addition to the usual panel.
    What is the role of the student panel? Do they have any say in the final outcome of the day? What kind of questions ar they likely to ask - I assume the questions will have been prepared for the students by the SLT - or may they have been allowed to make up their own.

    Will members of the regular panel be present or wil lit really be just the candidate and the students?
    Some schools seem to use student panels a lot in interviews, whereas others never do. Why is this?
    Any help appreciated.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Well done for getting the interview! The student panel - usually the School Council - is becoming more and more common.
    Q1-2 Legally I doubt if they could have an actual say; I imagine that "their views will be taken into account", which can mean anything that the Chair of the Appointment Panel chooses it to mean!
    Q3 - do a search here on "School Council" and you'll see what other posters have had to say.
    Q4 Normally just the candidate and the students, although sometimes there's a HoY. It will depend on the school.
    Q5 No idea! "Student voice" for the Ofsted? Your guess is as good as mine!
    Hope you have been studying the two Interview threads! Best wishes.
  3. pooped

    pooped New commenter

    Are you primary or secondary? I had an interview with the school council for my last post in a primary school. The panel consisted of children from KS2 and the senior lunchtime supervisor who took notes. The questions were very straightforward and although I was dreading this part I actually really enjoyed it. The children had worked together with the supervisor to write the questions.
    The ones I remember were
    why do you want to work here
    how do you make lessons fun
    what would you do if someone had a problem they needed help with
    approaches to bullying
    extra curricular activities
    describe yourself in three words
    The questions were very much based on the kind of person I am, my classroom, how I taught etc, issues which would directly affect the children. I spoke to the deputy (then acting head) some time later and asked how much of a say the council had and she said their views were taken seriously and valued. It was lovely to hear they wanted me too!!! They also interviewed our headteacher.
    Lots of luck
  4. WD

    WD New commenter

    One of my many hats has been to handle this area of interviews. A couple of points

    1. How do you feel about schools that value this approach, and would you be happy to work in one? (which also partly answers your last question-some schools value student input like this, others dont).
    2. In my experience the student panel make up their own questions and the staff member present is just there to pull discussions together post interview. So you may be asked, as I was at one interview-'what cartoon character do you see yourself as' ( Wile Coyote), and when overseeing a panel 'What is your fav type of music.' (to be fair the students said they werent looking at the answer, but at the reaction to the question).

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