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Student Motivation - GCSE Resit! Advice needed!

Discussion in 'English' started by partan, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. partan

    partan New commenter

    Hi All,
    I have a rather unusual case. A group of my students (Post-16 FE) are resitting their GCSE English (they are doing this as a year's programme compulsory to their studies alghough their main course is a BTEC L3) and have politely informed me that whilst they have nothing against me personally, they intend to coast through the year and fail my element of the course.
    I've never come up against this scenario and wondered if anyone else had, and what the solution might be?
    Any advice welcome!
  2. Tell a manager about those who say they intend to fail, and point out the consequences to the class - without a good GCSE grade, then no uni, and without a degree, how much lower salaries, starting and later, are on average. And don't be scared of contacting parents of the most defiant, even if the students are over 16. Good luck with the silly b uggers.
  3. partan

    partan New commenter

    Thanks Bob, unfortunately all of the above has already been done but to no avail. At least there's only 10 weeks left of term...
  4. Point out to your line manager what the situation is and what has been done so you don't get blamed for these students' immaturity. If you aren't held to account and the i diots fail again, well then, sod them.. I know what you're going through , and I hope other similar classes aren't as stupid in the future. Think of it this way- only 5/6 weeks to the exams at the end of May.

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