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Student finance!!!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Reboogsta, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hi, you need to apply for any fee loan and maintenance loan/grant through Student Finance. If you are eligible for a tda bursary you apply for this through your instituion once registered on the course. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi
    I also have a question about student finance. I currently live with my boyfriend, and i will be giving up my job to start the PGCE. The only income we will have, will be his. When i apply for a loan, will i be entitled to the full amount? Will i have to put his income down? Also will i be entitled to any other financial support. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  3. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    Are you 25 or over? If so then your partner's income will be assessed. If you are under 25 it will be your parents income, unless you can prove you have been financially independent for 3 years, or a mother.
  4. Yes, i am 28. Will i be entitled to any other type of financial support?
  5. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    You'll get a tuition fee loan that you don't actually see, it goes to your uni. Then a maintenance loan, then incoming depending, a grant. And if you qualify you could get a bursary; look at the TDA website. In all I'll get about £7k loan, £2k grant and £5k bursary. It depends on your situation though!
  6. Brilliant. Thank you
    Claire x
  7. You are in the exact same position as me. I'm 27 and will be giving up my job for the course. I have applied for funding through Student Finance, and from what I can understand, can get £3k (ish) tuition fee loan, £3k (again ish!) living expenses loan and £3k living expenses grant. This is based on an assessment of my boyfriends income (also a teacher) from last year, so I am under the threshold. I have applied for both living expenses bits, and am hoping to use my bursary to cover my fees, so may have to do some negotitations re: timing with uni!

    What course are you starting? I'm Primary in hull :)

  8. I thought all bursaries for primary had been done away with... maybe it's just UEL then?! It says on their website there are no bursaries for primary anymore just secondary.

    Course fee is also going to be £9,000 so hoping student loan is going to cover it. Think my whole loan including fees will come to around £15,000. Mad!
  9. TDA bursaries were totally scrapped last year for Primary but this year can get one if you have a 2:1 or first. Google TDA bursary 2012, it is regardless of the uni you are going to.
  10. Hi

    I am doing the PGCE Primary at Worcester Uni. I am sooo excited, but slightly nervous at the same time. I have sent my loan form off today, so fingers crossed it will work out!

    Claire x
  11. Ooohhh fantastic I got a 2:1 so maybe there is hope for me yet! Thanks for the info :)
  12. kazzmaniandevil

    kazzmaniandevil New commenter

    Do I apply as a new student or existing though ? Just in my last year currently
  13. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    You apply as a brand new student under the new fee rules (using the same account, of course) - students on PGCE courses can't be classed as continuers.
  14. How are we supposed to live on 6k?
  15. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    It's called being a student :p ha ha!
  16. I know, but at the interview they mentioned that we may be travelling up to 1.5hrs each way to work. Thats some major fuel costs. I'm not moaning, it strikes me as crazy that the government has got rid of the bursaries for a course that is for 2/3 of the time like a full time job.

    To clarify, I am doing Citizenship PGCE in 2012. I got a 2.1, am I right in thinking there is no bursary for me?
  17. I tried applying on friday but got so confused i gave up! Im 23 and got a 2.1, Im going to do a primary pgce. I live with my boyfriend but as i am under 25 it shouldnt assess his income. Im not sure whether I can have my own income assessed as I only finished uni 2 years ago...I have heard that being at university does not count as living independent living and student finance states you need to prove you have been independent for 3 years. Does this mean my parents income needs to be assessed? Please help! Thank you. My dad is self-employed so my undergraduate application for finance was a nightmare
  18. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    Yeah, it'll be your parents' income. Like you say, you have to have 3 years of proof that you lived independently. I know its rubbish! You still get your £5k bursary for your 2:1 regardless.
    The Institute of Ed still haven't uploaded their details onto the Student Finance database, grr they told me the end of Jan. Means I can't submit it yet!
  19. ginger_owl / StarbabyCat .. have you had stabs at the finance application without any other info from the uni yet? I've only heard from GTTR so far so confused if I can even start the ball rolling with student finance.
  20. So I got as far as giving em my name and NI number and it says you may already be registered and to contact them... sure I have the log in details somewher, probably in the attic knowing my luck so I guess a lengthy expensive phone call it will be!

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