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Student Finance

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Possible_Teacher, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I've currently part way through doing my finance application. It didn't have the course details in its database (Brighton Uni) so I had to input them directly. Now it's only saying I'm entitled to £3225.00 of tuition fee loan. It states that this is the maximum. Am I wrong in thinking that if tuition fees are £9000 we can get a loan to cover the whole amount? Anyone else had this issue?
  2. The same thing has happened to me.
    My college hasn't confirmed their course fees yet but they said as soon as they know they will email me and others who have also been accepted onto the course.
    So I'm now waiting patiently for my email but haven't recieved one as yet.
    Also, does anyone else know how it works with paper forms? I've asked for a paper form to be sent out to my mum and dad as I'm 22 so need their financial situation first. However still haven't recieved them, despite filling in the form about a week ago.
  3. Hey guys and gals,
    Has anyone recieved any change in status since submitting their application? I submitted on 31st December and still haven't heard anything.
    I wouldn't be concerned that my application is stuck somewhere in the system if I hadn't called two weeks ago and been told I would ahve a decision by the end of that week. I called again this week and was told the same thing but once again here we are on Friday and not a peep.
    Just wondering if anyone else's application was moving more quickly than mine?
  4. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    I haven't sent mine off but going by Student Finance England's track record it doesn't surprise me that its taking ages. They are also rubbish on the phone. We're lucky in the sense that we've applied VERY early in the cycle.
  5. We're on the same page StarbabyCat. I was hoping for the turn around to be relatively quick and when I was told pretty confidently that I would have an answer by the end of the week and I was lucky to not be applying during the busy period. I was probably a little naive in believing that. Alas, it's officially the end of another working week and my status hasn't changed on the site. Please let's all keep each other posted :)

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