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Student Finance problems

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by danniebear, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. When first going to university I was signed up for 4 year Masters Degree however I have now dropped down to the 3 year Bsc Maths degree. I have my place on a PGCE next year. I applied as a returning student silly and change the university and course to the PGCE information, however I received a letter soon after saying I needed to fill out a PN1 (New student) form.
    However I can't do this as I already have an application on the system. I have rang up 5 times now to try and get this all sorted and find out what I need to do. I have been told there sending me out a paper copy of the PN1 form which was over a month ago (should of taken 2-3 days to arrive). I have been told there going to cancel my old application and should be done in a couple of days this was two weeks ago. I have been told there should be a cancel button, which isn't there. I I have also been told that when I hung up my account should be back to the beginning, which loan behold it wasn't .

    I now have no idea what to do, I feel like ringing up again will get me no where? Please Help!!!!!
  2. I know what you mean, I had to ring up about 6 separate times before I got hold of someone who was actually able to help me. I think her name was Kathleen, or Coleen or something similar - if that helps at all!
    They have now told me that the reason that the Long Courses Loan is not showing on my entitlement is because my university haven't updated SF with it's details - ie term dates etc. So I called my uni and they say they have! Grrrr, so I guess I'm calling SF again.....
    Not so easy to sort out when I work 7 till 7 weekdays and a lot of weekends at the moment, in an office where I cannot tell my employers yet that I am leaving!!!!
  3. Its just ridculous, these people are paid to help. Not argue with us and pass us off :(

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