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Student Finance - I can help with any queries

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Sorry if this is a similar question to one that has been asked before but I am not sure if I am an independant or dependant student. I am starting a primary PGCE in Sept.
    I live with my partner and we have a 5 year old daughter.
    Our finances have always been seperate, we do not have a joint account and the mortgage is in his name. I have always worked and paid my own way. He earns over 100K per year and so if I put him on the form, will I be entitled to any student finance?
    I cant bear the idea of having to rely on him to support me!
    Thanks in advance

  2. As you have a dependant, you are automatically an independent student.
    If you are living together in a relationship akin to marriage, you have to declare your partner. Keeping stumm is an offence and you can be prosecuted.
  3. Thanks thats what I thought...but after 15 years, I just need to get used to the idea of being a kept women!
    Can I apply for a normal student loan though or just the tuition fees.

  4. With £100k income, you won't get any maintenance grant, and you will only be entitled to minimum maintenance loan. Tuition fee loan is available to all. So you don't need to give any financial information, so go down non-income assessed application.
  5. Thanks for that, we had a bit of a row about it last night when he looked at what the forms require from him!! He doesnt want me to apply now, so I guess I will just ask for the tuition fees as you suggest.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  6. Thanks again, Alec2005.

    I thought I seemed to be in the same boat as Thaicowman, except I was in Japan for a few years longer. So, I'm expecting not to get a positive response from Student Finance.

    The important thing is the uni, I can afford to pay the fees without a loan but if I'm not classed as a home student then it would be impossible.

    I spoke to them and they seemed to be quite positive about it. I would imagine they would be a lot easier to persuade than student finance, them wanting me to be a student there and all. That might just be wishful thinking, though.

    A further question, my wife is currently working in Japan but when she joins me in the UK, she won't be working (she intends to study English).

    I presume I have to mention her current income, although we wont have any income at the time of the course?

    She currently earns the equivalent of about 21,000 pounds, I am unemployed. Would be entitled to a grant?

  7. Sorry, once again bang goes my formatting. I didn't mean to write such a monolithic nightmare post.
  8. There is a provision when applying to be assessed on your wife's projected income during your course rather than her current earnings. You will later need to confirm her exact income. In any case, any income up to £25k entitles you to full support, if you are classed as home student.
  9. Hi
    I was wondering if someone could help with my Student Finance application. I am due to start a PGCE in September and wish to apply for the Tuition Fee Loan and the Maintenance Grant. being 29 I think I am automatically considered an Independent Student, will I still need to provide proof of income for the last 3 years? I still live with my parents. Also I cannot see anywhere on either the online or the paper form where to choose to be assessed for the Maintenance Grant, am I automatically put in for this? I am near to the end of the online application and reluctant to submit it without knowing that they know I wish to apply for the Grant, if that makes sense?
    Thanks in advance : )
  10. As a single independent student, you only need to enter your estimated, unearned income while doing PGCE, such as bank interest, investment income and so on. No need to give other details like your present and past incomes.
    Provided you enter the above details (i.e. your financial information), you will automatically be assessed for maintenance grant.
  11. Hi Alec2005
    I'm also filling in my online application and wanted to know if you can apply for the maintenance grant without taking out the maintenance loan. I am applying for a loan for my fees, but other than that I want to keep my debt down to a minimum, but would obviously like to take the grant if eligible (as you don't have to pay this back).
    Any help will be appreciated, as I can't tell if this is possible when filling in the online application.
  12. You should be able to apply just for the grant by disclosing your financial information but without completing loan request form, other than for tuition fees. You don't need to tick box or anything for grant - you are automatically assessed for it just by giving financial info.
  13. Has anyone else had trouble with the Directgov website? Whenever I click the button to Apply Online, I just get met with -
    Connection Interrupted

    The document contains no data.

    The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

  14. Hiya
    You've probably covered all this, but I just need to clarify before I look at other options.
    I'm starting my PGCE in September. I've applied for the loans/Grants etc, but as I have 2 small children, I need to cover their childcare.
    Their fees are currently £15k a year, and obviously, I will need them to remain in nursery when I start the course. My husbands salary is well over £10k, but if we can't get any help, it would leave us with about £400 a month to pay the mortgage, food, bills etc, and as the mortgage is over £600, that's not possible. Will they not look at the application at all with us earning over £10k pa?
    Do you know what help we could get and where to go? I did enquire with the Uni and they said Student Finance. I have contacted the Tax Credits, but as I am not working, we can't claim the childcare element of the tax credits.
    Seems really cr@ppy, as I've been working for the past 24 years, and when I need something back, I might not get any help.
    Hope you can point me in the right direction.
  15. It's down at the moment, until 8pm tomorrow! Very useful hey?
  16. I don't really have good news for you. Clearly the government only intends to cover the childcare cost of those who are on the breadline, single parent etc, so anyone with normal requirement isn't being catered for. That's why many PGCEers with children rely on family and friends to help out, rather than on commercial childcare.
    All you can do is to take out your maximum entitlement of grant and loan, and open a student/graduate account with free overdraft. You do get bursary, which you can put towards living costs. You will also be exempt from council tax, so effectively get 25% off your council tax bill. Take out NUS Extra card for useful discounts.
  17. Wish I could rely on friend or family, bt as my mum is no longer here and my in laws live 80 miles away, it's not an option for me. Looks like I'll have to kick my husband out for the year. We'd get more as my childcare would be covered, and he could stop with friends.
    Somehow I don't think the loan and bursary plus £250 off my tax credits would cover the £15k childcare.
    I'm going to speak to my Uni about the hardship fund and see if they can help.
  18. As I'm starting the flexi PGCE in a few weeks(!) I'm a little confused. I wasn't going to apply for any loans/grants as I will be ineligible for most due to my husbands wage- but I'm now wondering whether to apply for the maintenance loan. Do I apply using forms for academic year 10/11? I know this sounds stupid, but we're not in this academic year yet!
    I too am worrying about childcare costs, 3 kids aged 7, 4 and 2, and am wondering how much the course is really going to end up costing I know it will hopefully be worth it in the long run, but the initial costs are very scary!
  19. Yes, form PN1 or online for 2010/11, as you are applying for support in the coming academic year. As you are doing a flexible course, you need to find out from your uni whether your course counts as full- or part-time, and how many weeks you will be on placement in the first year - this affects your assessment.
  20. Dear Jennifer,
    I have a question about these student bank accounts with free overdraft. When can I open one? After I will have accepted an offer or when I actually start studying in September? Which banks can you recommend? (I don't want to go to all of them and ask about overdraft possibilites, this might deter them from offering me any). I am a German national but I have been living in the UK for 18 months. Will this be a problem for the banks? And is there a chance of getting a further credit of, let's say, 1000 pounds (with interests) by a bank?
    sorry, I know that some of this questions can be answered as well by an actual bank clerk but I just don't now how the banking system works here and I don't want to ask stupid questions to the person who might lent me the money.
    Thanks very much!

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