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Student Finance - I can help with any queries

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi Jennifer
    I am trying to get the evidence together to proove I am an independent student, and could not find one of my p60s, I contacted my previous employeer and requested a duplicate p60 and they have sent through all the figures for the year in question in a signed letter on headed paper, will this be sufficient evidence for student finance?

  2. Thanks, I was getting confused there.
  3. The email addresses have been removed for SFE, the ones I used last year are being bounced back.
    Are SFE playing the avoidance game again?
  4. After struggling to fill out my online application, not recognising my course code etc I decided to print out the pn1 form to fill in. I have just been looking at the notes to help me and it seems like I should be filling it in on the computer but then printing it out, rather than printing and filling in by hand..... Is it ok to do it by hand? Also because I have started completing the online form, will this cause a problem now switching to paper copy? Thanks
  5. Do I need to know my art id if I'm applying on paper form? I can't seem to find my old details anywhere.
  6. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Just sent my student finance form off (finally!). Was wondering if anyone would be able to help estimate how much student finance i'll recieve if i give a few details. I don't live with parents, live with partner, though i'm still classed as a dependant student, parents jointly earn under 40k a year... hope they take the fact that i dont live with them into consideration!!
    Thanks :)
  7. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    was wondering if anyone could estimate how much student finance i will be entilited too if i give a few details... i live with my partner though i'm still classed as a dependant student, parents joinlty earn under 40k a year.. any one know how much im likely to recieve? do they take into account that i live away from parents... i hope so!!
  8. Hi - any help with my situation will be brilliant.

    I graduated in 2007, and lived and taught in Athensn for one year. I then moved back and have been workng full time since october 2009. Are the SLC going to want any formal information from Greece regarding this as it is an EU country and I have no immigration papers or anyything like that and I have no wage slips/ P60 equivalent?

  9. since october 2008 even - and i apologise for the hideous typos
  10. Thaicowman

    Thaicowman New commenter

    Sorry, not sure what that mess was before, I just tried to reply to a previous post.
    Hi Alec. Well, after your post I decided to send a letter explaining
    my situation to Student Finance England. I also enclosed my last
    temporary contract. I am now regretting that decision - they have
    informed me I am ineligible for student support! I was always under the
    that working under fixed-term, temporary employment breaks (with a fixed
    address over the last 3 years) meant you were still classed as a home
    student? Anyway, I have forwarded my case to the appeals board, and I
    will just have to see what happens (but I'm not expecting good news!).

    What's bothering me now is, as I have been considered ineligible by
    Finance England, will the university have to reassess my position as a
    student? They were satisfied with the evidence I gave and have already
    informed me I am a home student, in their view. I may be able to scrape
    through the course, with the help of my ever dependable parents, but if I
    also get my home
    status taken away by the University I simply won't be able to manage.
  11. Hope your appeal succeeds, as you seem to have a good case to be considered a home student. Do you have all your contracts covering the last three years? Your visas? Your uni's decision should be independent of Student Finance, but should you not get fees loan, they will want to know how you are going to setlle your tuition fees.
  12. Thaicowman

    Thaicowman New commenter

    Hi Alec. I do actually have all my contracts, from the last 3 years. They have told me that a succession of temporary contracts actually equates to a permanent contract. This is what is confusing me, it goes against everything I have read about working under "temporary contracts" and still being classed as a home student. My friend, and other people I have contacted have been in the same boat as me (one worked in Japan for 4 years) and were all entitled to loans, so I'm feeling a bit hard done by! Glad to hear that the University make their decision independently.
  13. I am hoping to do a PGCE in September but have not had my interview yet. Is it possible to apply for my loan now rather than wait til I get on the course?

  14. Do you know what finance there is available to students who are taking part in the year long French SKE course at Reading? I know there is a bursary but do the usual rules apply to grants etc for maintenance and childcare? It may be a deciding factor for me as the £200 a week won't go far with travel, childcare cost etc for me.

  15. You should apply now in anticipation of a place, and confirm the details later.
  16. I hope that Japan person isn't me, as I haven't arranged any finances yet!

    Alec2005 - do you think the length of time spent away would make a difference? I was in Japan for about 5.5 years.

    The main area of concern for me is getting that bursary. I could just about manage with no grant and no tuition fee loan.

    Thaicowman - I sent you a message.

    I think it's crazy. I could have spent the last 3 years unemployed or hitchhiking around Europe and have been eligible but spend time outside the EU and your done for.
  17. As far as bursary is concerned, the general rule is you either have to be classed as home student under student finance regulations or an EEA student (with non-UK EEA nationality). Since your eligibility for bursary is assessed by your uni, separately from student finance, it can happen that while you get paid your bursary by your uni, you cannot get grant, loans etc. This is especially so when a complicated assessment has to be made, like for those who have spent some time living and working abroad. In general, unis are less exact in their assessment than student finance, presumably because of differences in the source of funding.
    As for your specific concern, the length, nature and intentions of living abroad have to be determined. Normally if you were only on renewable, temporary contracts - and you have paperwork to prove it, you can argue that your spells abroad were meant to be temporary and your intentions have always been to return to UK. Length of time comes into it: if you were only abroad on your gap year, it's much easier to prove your intentions than if you worked 5 years, even with a succession of temporary contracts. Other things in support your application include visas - one which you had to renew every year would be looked on more favourably than a long-term, multi-year visa. Did you keep your UK bank account, and carry on using it while abroad? Did you have a home in UK - say your own place rented out while you were abroad (a room in your parental home isn't as good)? And anything else to indicate your intentions to return to UK, like a testimony by people of standing in the community like the clergy, JP, councillors etc, might be helpful.
  18. Will do it now! Thanks for your help.

  19. Thanks as always for your speedy and informative replies, Alec2005!

    Hmm, my visas were 1 year, then 3 year, then another 3 year. So, that's not so favourable.

    I kept my UK bank account, it was registered at my parents address for about half the time and sometime
    at my Japanese address.

    Do you think being married to a Japanese national might be something to keep quiet?

    I did come back to the UK almost every year, would that help?


  20. You can't keep your Japanese husband a secret as you will be assessed on his income if you apply to Student Finance. I don't know all the details and I'm not the one to make a decision, but from what you have told me, your circumstances are such that they may well conclude your stay abroad was more than temporary. It's important to persuade your uni about your home student status, or else they will charge international (overseas) student tuition fees of £8,000 to £10,000 a year.

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