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Student Finance - I can help with any queries

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    Wondered if you could help - I may be forced to choose between a GTP and PGCE, and wondered if I picked the GTP would I still be able to get a Disabled Student Allowance? As I know on the GTP you are not seen as a student but a paid member of staff on training... so was slightly confused. Obviously I will need the DSA in order to understand and follow my training day at University (I am deaf)

    Hope you can clear matters up for me! Thanks.
  2. My understanding is that GTP isn't considered a postgraduate or professional graduate course (but employment-based ITT) and therefore you are ineligible for any allowances, grants and loans for students, neither will you get training bursary. Instead you are paid a salary at unqualified teacher scale (30% less than qualified).
    If the school is aware of your needs and agree to employ you and support you on GTP, then you should expect suitable accommodation for your conditions, even if you get no more money for them. It's something you need to discuss at the application stage and in your interview.
  3. Do we use our GTTR personal ID when it asks for our UCAS one?
  4. Also, do we use the GTTR course code when it asks for 'UCAS course code'?
  5. Yes.
  6. Alnother Yes.
  7. Hello! I'm sorry if this question has already been asked; I took a look through the thread but couldn't find anyone in the exact same position. Its about whether or not I am 'financially dependent' again - like many people, I didn't have any help from my parents during my undergraduate years and have not lived with them since before I went to University. However, I didn't have a student loan either so I wonder if there's a chance that I'll still possibly qualify as being financially independent? I don't want to be means tested on my parents income since they won't be helping me out at all, I'd rather that any loans or grants were given depending solely on my own status!
  8. All you can do is to apply as an independent student and see what happens. You will need to provide evidence to show you were able to live independently of your parents, and the money you've earned, even as an undergraduate, must have been sufficient to enable you to do so - £7000 a year has been suggested as a guide. If you can, then you stand a chance.
  9. Hi hope you can save me a phone call,
    My husband couldn't support my application online because of an unexplained system glitch (typical) so we sent in the printed docs. How long does it usually take for this information to be updated on the system? It's been 3 weeks since I sent it in but it would be good to know if they'd at least received it.

  10. If you want to know, you have no choice but to give them a call. Did you send your documents by recorded delivery so that you can track delivery?
  11. Doh! No I didn't that'll learn me [​IMG] >picks up phone<
  12. Hi,

    I am slightly confused about applying for finance for PGCE Sep 2010. On directgov it says if i have ever applied for finance before i should not register again but use my previous ID etc, but as i am applying for a new course i thought i had to register again? If possible i want to be considered as a new student as i began my undergrad course before 2006 and am on the old student finance system, ie. i receive less maintenance grant etc and do not get the bursary now given to those from low income families.

    Basically, can i re-register as a new student or do i have to continue on my account and if so will that mean i am still on the pre 2006 system?

    Thanks for any advice x
  13. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    I'm in a similar position to you Leah. I started my undergraduate course in 2004 so came under the old system. Basically you do need to apply as a new student, but still use the log-in (ART ID etc) that you used first time around. I had to call up Student Finance and find out what on earth my username was, as I had apparently been set up before they'd even starting registering people's email addresses! But I still had all my old paperwork with reference numbers on so it wasn't a big deal. Give them a call if you can't log in, with your reference numbers handy.
  14. I had the same issue. I finished my original course in 1999 when everything was definitely done on paper. I managed to get find my username but it wouldn't let me put anything else in as mainly I had no email address attached and then I had never answered any secret questions. When I called student loans the first person I spoke to said they couldn't help me as I couldn't confirm the email address that they had on the system even though they didn't have one!! I persevered though and called again this time speaking to someone who was very helpful!
  15. Hi, I'm in the process of applying to Student Finance for a tuition fees loan for my PGCE starting in September 2010 and have a few questions - if anybody could help it would be much appreciated!
    1) Would my Primary PGCE be considered a full-time Undergraduate course, a full-time foundation degree or a full-time sandwich course?
    2) They want to know the date that I will be starting - I know it's in September but don't know the exact day yet. Do I have to wait to find that out before applying?
    3) I've lived with my parents for the last three years but supported myself financially throughout and worked full-time for the last two, however I'm guessing that I still won't be considered as independent?
    Thanks in advance
  16. Hi
    I'm starting a PGCE in Sept 2010. I'm a mature student living with my husband and 2 young children. Will I be able to apply for any additional help apart from a student loan for the fees and possibly a discount on our council tax? To attend the course I will be paying out in the region of &pound;8000 for childcare during the 1 year, so was wondering if any other help will be available.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  17. If you are applying online, you have to tick FT undergraduate and later on choose postgraduate ITT.
    Just put 1st September. They will check with your uni before releasing any money!
    You need to have been financially independent, with proofs such as pay slips, for 3 years, 25 or over on 1st September 2010 or is (or have been) married or in civil partnership. Your earnings must have been sufficient to be considered independent. I suggest you apply as independent, and see what happens.
  18. You can also apply for maintenance grant (if your husband earns &pound;50,020 or less) and maintenance loan (maximum amount varies). There is such a thing as Childcare Grant and Parents' Learning Allowance, but you are unlikely to qualify as earnings limit is very low, like &pound;10,000 a year. You may qualify for childcare element of Working Tax Credit, but this also depends on income - phone up Tax Credit Helpline and ask.
    Remember you will receive your tax-free bursary of between &pound;4000 and &pound;9000 from your uni, monthly from October.
    Other suggestions include opening a student or graduate bank account (even if you have another account already) for free overdraft and freebies like railcard and vouchers, and getting NUS Extra card for useful discounts.
  19. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered but..
    I want to pay for the tuition fees myself instead of getting a loan... do I still qualify for the bursary and how would I get that if don't apply for a loan from Student Finance?

  20. You are free to pay the fees yourself. You don't have to do anything to get your bursary, as it's all arranged by your uni, and is paid irrespective of your income and whether or not you take out loans. Your uni probably want confirmation that you are paying the fees yourself (e.g. by completing a standing order form) before releasing the bursary payment (monthly from October). But do apply for maintenance grant (free money, no need to repay), as anyone with a household income of &pound;50,020 or less get some, and those on &pound;25k or under get the full amount of &pound;2906. Apply online or on form PN1.

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