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Student Finance - I can help with any queries

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Your first payment is delayed until SLC receive electronic confirmationof your registration from your uni, plus a few days for BACS payment.
  2. Oh.. so not on the 1st september like they say it will be?
  3. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Alec is correct. 3-4 days once confirmation of registration from uni
  4. I got the correct form and got it all posted off, annoyingly whatever form i did first which they told me was the wrong one was exactly the same as the PN1 anyway so i don't see what the problem was really.

  5. SF have got my daughters award wrong. She got the final award letter last week and was away till this morning. she is off on a 3 week holiday on Wednesday so I need to get this sorted before she goes. ! filled in all the forms online and my income is less tha £25000 so she is entitled to a full grant. I as told I didin't need to send any evidence. this is her thrid year and htey gotit right for the last two years. I sent in evidence in the first year, they didn't want any last year and the website said they didn't want any evidence this year wither. I've tried phoning Glasgow but they say I have to ring my local LA which I will do when they open at 10 tomorrow. AArgh . So much for a relaxing holiday.
  6. gsp06sk

    gsp06sk New commenter

    Hi Jennifer,
    I want to ask about deferred payments on my degree course. I graduated in 2000 but have always had repayments deferred because of low income. I'm 50 in September and starting a PGCE. I believe my original loan will be written off when I'm 50 but will this still happen if I apply for a loan for my PGCE course?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. The rules are:
    "Loans taken out before 1998 which have never been in arrears are cancelled 25 years after your repayments started (even if payments have previously been deferred), if you reach the age of 50 (60 if you were over 40 when you started the loan), if you become permenantly unfit to work or if you die.

    If loans taken out in 1998 and after haven't been repaid, possibly due to consistently earning less than the payments threshold, once you reach 65 (for loans taken before September 2006) or 25 years from the first April of graduation (for loans after September 2006) debts are wiped clean. They are also cancelled if you become permanently unfit to work"

    So for your earlier loans, it depends on your circumstances, but for your new loans for PGCE, they are written off 25 years after you finish the course or withdraw from it.
  8. gsp06sk

    gsp06sk New commenter

    Thanks for that. If I apply for a loan for my PGCE before my 50th birthday will it prevent my original loans from being cancelled?
  9. Don't think so. The loans are treated separately.
  10. I'd love to know this too! My letter says I won't be receiving my first instalment until the 27th September even though the start date for my course is the 13th. My sister, who is starting an undergraduate course, just got her stuff through from the SLC and they're telling her she'll receive her first instalment on the 6th September even though she won't be starting her course until probably around the 27th! Should I call and query? Or is it not worth the hours and hours I'll be kept on hold?
  11. LiviAnne

    LiviAnne New commenter

    Hi Jennifer
    Thank you for doing this, it is really kind of you. I have been trying to apply for the childcare grant and parent learning allowance, they keep asking for more info, and most recently asked me to fill in the whole form again! . So I wanted to ask you if you think I will be awarded any money from these two grants because if I am definitely not going to get any money, I can stop faffing around with all the paper work. My partner earns £18000 after deductions, and we have council tax and about £500pcm rent to pay along with all other normal bills. We will already be receiving the maintenance loans and grant. Do you think they will award us anything childcare?
    Thank you
  12. Just feel the need to have a small rant about SF as it seems they haven't improved a bit since the mess last year and have caused me a huge problem!
    I sent my application months agom February I think, and by the beginning of June had sent everything I needed to including my dad's financial information to support. I heard nothing from them and when I got back from holiday in July my birth certificate had been returned (I sent this as I'd sent my passport away to get a visa when I applied) with nothing else in the envelope so I assumed it was all ok. It says online that my application is being processed and when I called about 3 weeks ago to check, they said the same.
    Then today I called again as it's getting close to the start of my course and I haven'[t heard anything while other people have had letters. They said my application was "on hold" and with a note on it to say "invalid birth certificate - passport required". My birth certificate is not invalid - it's mine, filled in the month I was born, and the form I sent with it was all correct. And far more infuriating - why did they not think to tell me this??!! It seems they were simply going to leave that note on there and either presume I'm psychic or eventually cancel my application. I tried to get this message across - that I hadn't been given this information and had no idea I needed to do something - and the woman just kept saying "all I can do is apologise". Grrrr!!! Her answer to my frantic question of whether this will be sorted by October if I send my passport was "probably". Very helpful!

  13. Hi
    I am really confused after logging into my student finance page. Hopefully someone can understand what I'm asking and can help [​IMG]
    On the breakdown page online it says Maintenance Grant £2906.00, and Total Grants paid to you £2906. But on the form, it says that I said No to a maintenance grant. Am I getting the maintenance grant or not?.... (I did actually want the mainenance grant but not the tuition fee loan or maintenance loan)
    Also, my uni is requesting the student finance breakdown document... I have not received this even though I sent my declaration in April. How do I get hold of this?


  14. Izzi

    Izzi New commenter

    Hi Livianne,
    I was interested to see your post - I too have applied for the childcare grant and parent learning allowance and have been informed that as our household income is over £10K we are not eligible.
    I was somewhat disappointed as we have 2 children and after-school club for the pair of them costs £100 per week!
    I have had the amount of my student loan and a small maintenance grant confirmed and once tuition fees and childcare costs have been paid, there is very little left over.

    I hope you have success in your grant applications! I keep hoping that someone'll ring me to tell me there's be a mistake and that of course I'm entitled to at least something on the childcare grant!

  15. Hi!
    Just wondered if anyone else had logged onto their account only for all their information to of disappeared? It still says 'Welcome ....' but where once the details of my application were, it now invites me to 'apply for student support'.
    All my correspondence etc. is still there so am guessing maybe it's just a blip whilst 'they' are working on it?? I would, in usual circumstances, of just phoned but the folk at SF seem to tell me different things everytime I phone!
    Re the Childcare grants etc, is it just me or is it crazy that there are no definitive thresholds written anywhere. Not quite sure why we all have to play the jumping through hoops waiting game, grrrr!!
    Thanks v v much to anyone who can help re my missing application[​IMG],
  16. All sorted!
    Was a duplicate account and now have my new ID number to access my full application.
    I spoke to a really helpful and knowledgeable woman, there are clearly some people there who do know what they are talking about, hurrah!!
  17. After all the worry of having to do a 2nd form and thinking i was not going to have my loan on time i got my letter of the breakdown of money last week, so thats another box ticked for what needed to be done before starting, very happy here.

    Hope everyone else gets sorted in time
  18. LiviAnne

    LiviAnne New commenter

    Hi Izzi
    Thanks, from what I can gather it is an all or nothing thing. 85% or nothing! I think we are getting nothing. I have a little one who is going to be in childcare three days a week. Luckily my Mum is going to look after her two days so that cuts it down a bit.

    Hopefully we will both get a phone call tomorrow telling us they got it all wrong :)

  19. tchaplin

    tchaplin New commenter

    Can I get a student loan for the fees for a straight to teaching programme?
  20. trickytrini

    trickytrini New commenter


    Can you tell me if or how being a student affects a low income family.
    My partner works P/T and we get HB/CTC/CHB......will loans, grants etc affect this?

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