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Student Finance - I can help with any queries

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Alec2005, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. No, tuition fee loan isn't income-assessed, so you can get up to the maximum charged, which is £3290 for 2010/11.
    You get maximum maintenance grant of £2906 for 2010/11 for a household income (your wife's current income after maternity leave plus your unearned income during PGCE) up to £25k, and pro-rata up to £50020. You can also get maintenance loan, but exact amount depends on how much grant you get, and top 25% is income-assessed. You are unlikely to get anything for childcare, as your household income is too high. It needs to be around £10000 or less to get any significant amount. You may get increased Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit. Phone the helpline to let them know about change in circumstance. You also don't count as eligible adult for council tax, so effectively you pay a single household rate at 25% less. If you get full grant, you will also get a bursary from your uni, minimum £329. You can also take out NUS Extra card for useful discounts, 16-25 Railcard as mature student, and student/graduate bank account for cheap/free overdraft and other freebies (e.g. book tokens, railcard, or straightforward cash gift into your account).
  2. Hi Jennifer
    How does Student Finance work if you are doing your PGCE over 2 years flexible whilst holding a full time job? Will I still be entitled to apply for all the different finance available or will I be limited due to working?
    Trying to find out information for the fllexible PGCE is proving quite difficult and confusing so any help would be greatfully appreciated.

    Kind regards

  3. It partly depends on how your course is structured. If your course is classed a full time (some flexible courses are - ask your uni), then you get full support this year and the next. If it's classed as part-time, you get full support spread over 2 years (so half the amount each year). Any earned income (through work) doesn't normally count, unless your course is a commercially sponsored one (e.g. day release), but it doesn't apply to PGCE.
    Bursary is a fixed amount depending on the phase and subject, and is paid over the whole course.
  4. Thank you Alec . That is really useful to know. I will get onto the uni now [​IMG]
  5. Hi Everyone
    Please be very careful when applying for Student Finance as you may suffer the pain i've just have!
    On the online form it asks for your 'qualification' to which i answered 'PGCE'. It then asks for your 'subject' to which i answered 'History'. - I foolishly didn't have course code to hand but i thought this might suffice. - Anyway, after i sent the form off into cyber space i received a 'summary' telling me my chosen 'course' was 'History'. This means that as far as Student Finance are concerned i'm applying for finance to do an Undergraduate (see above) course in History!
    In order to recitify this i've had to call them up, print off a form, and pretend that i've changed my course. If they had asked me what 'course' i was taking i would have gladly told them but they only asked for 'qualification' and 'subject'.
    Rant almost over - another thing that puzzles me is that i was applying to get my Teacher Training Bursary, not to get a 'loan' or (so i thought) a 'grant'. At no stage in the application process is the word 'bursary' used so it felt like i was going down a route i didn't want to go down. Apparantly Student Finance 'have never used the word 'bursary' and it is the fault of the TDA and my College that a common language is not used.
    So, i hope this all helps some of you in your quest for finance. Just make sure you have your 'course code'!
  6. Bursary is all entirely handled by your uni/training provider, and Student Finance has nothing to do with it. You don't have to apply for it - your uni will sort everything out for you. You apply to SF for maintenance grant, maintenance loan and tuition fee loan, plus some others like childcare grant and parents' learning allowance.
    There is a walkaround for PGCEers applying online (see previous posts), but you can also apply on paper form, which eliminates the problem you've had.
  7. thanks Alec2005 ...My college told me to apply for it through Student Finance so now i'm even more confused. When/if i ever sort it out i'll let you know
  8. Is my wife's carer's allowance counted as income when considereing what is due to me as the student?

    Thank you
  9. Only if it's taxable. As carer's allowance is normally a taxable benefit, it should be included.
  10. The university have said my flexible PGCE is still classed as a full time course but the fees they quoted to me are for 2009/10. Can I still quote these prices to apply for my finance or do I have to wait for my pack which they said will be with me in May? Is that too late to apply?

  11. Phone them up and find out how much fees they are charging for 2010/11 - they should know by now. If it's the maximum £3225 for 09/10, it's almost certainly £3290 for 10/11. In any case, Student Finance will check with your uni before givng you a loan for fees.
  12. I have a question, I have the PN1 forms printed out and it asks for my UCAS personal identification number...is that my art ID?
  13. Another question, sorry! Do we get the maintenance grant automatically when we send off the PN1? As I don't see it mentioned anywhere on the form.
  14. Only if you supply financial details, as there is no longer minimum grant for PGCE students. The whole of maintenance grant is means-tested.
  15. Hi I wonder if you can help me. I started a pgce in 2005 but unfortunately had to drop out after 2 weeks due to personal circumstances. I received a loan for that year, but will I have still paid tuition fees?

    I have been accepted onto a primary pgce commencing Sept 2010 and was going to apply for a tuition fee loan, nothing else loan wise, however, am now concerned that I wont be able to receive it. This will mean that I will be unable to take up the course. Is this the case?

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Your previous attempt at PGCE is immaterial when it comes to applying for finanl support this time round. In 2005 your fees, at just over £1000, would have been paid by TDA (government), so it won't stop you getting a fees loan for September.
  17. Hi, just to clarrify as there are a few differing views posted on here.....
    I finished my degree in July 2009 and will be starting my PGCE in September 2010 after a year off. Am I classed as a 'New student' as it is a new course? and if so do I still use my old ref number or will I get a new one?
    As I am 28, am I classed as an independent student and therefore qualify for the maintanace grant? What do I need to do to apply for this?
    Many thanks in advance
  18. Yes.
    Use the old ART ID.
    Yes, as you are 25 or over on 1st Sept 2010.
    Maintenance grant is now income-assessed for all. You get full grant of £2906 if your household income (your partner's income, if any, and your estimated non-earned income during PGCE) comes to £25,000 or less.
    Yes, you have to apply for it by completing form PN1 (or online application) and giving your financial information.
  19. Jenclare/Alec2005 -
    I'm 28 and starting PGCE f/t in Sept. Have had a look at section 7 on the form and at the relevant notes, but am still left with a few queries which I'm wondering if you might be able to help with...
    I gather from posts on here that the threshold is £7000pa. Does that still apply even if you were living with parents (rent free : )? Or is it 7000 and living elsewhere?
    I've been abroad for two separate stints of 12m doing voluntary work and supported myself using savings - therefore don't have any payslip evidence only bank/building society statements?
    Thanks in advance.
  20. That's great thanks you for the help!

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