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Student finance for ITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Ruthieholmes, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I am still waiting to hear whether my conditional offer for an early years SCITT is to be unconditional but in the meantime I have been investigating the finance available to me now that there is no bursary. Does anyone know whether I am eligible for a tutition fees loan? I already have a post graduate qualification - Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I seem to think I won't get it from what I have read on student finance website but can't seem to be able to talk to anyone at Student Finance to clarify.
  2. You will still get your tuition fee loan as you are studying for QTS. Plus you are eligible for maintenance grant up to £2906 (for income up to £25k) and maximum loan of £3497 (if studying outside London and living away from home). You will probably get extra £400 so in loan as your course is longer than a typical degree course, plus £338 in uni's own bursary (name varies). If your income is above £25k, amounts will be adjusted, though you can still take out the maximum charged in fees (£3375).
  3. Thanks for this. Having been working towards this for a number of years now (volunteering in school, courses to provide background info about primary education, etc). I, like many others, am anxious about the consequences of recent changes. I am married so am assuming my husband's income will be taken into account. What is loan for long course? SCITT is only 1 year and I haven't been at uni for about 16 years (I have funded recent courses myself). Will I still be eligible for maintenance loan if living at home but travelling about 100 miles to get to provider (I can't live away from home as have three children)?
  4. Most PGCE courses are longer than typical degree courses, by several weeks, so you get extra loan to cover that. Given to you automatically as they check with your training provider.
    Living away from home means parental home for those classed as dependent students. As you are married, you are an independent student and will get £3497 if studying outside London.
  5. Thank you, you have alleviated some of my anxieties.
  6. Useful, but doesn't take account of long courses loan or uni's own bursery.
  7. Actually, it does. Well the long courses loan. But not the university's own bursaries.

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