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'Student Associate Scheme'-style Programme for MFL?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mathy3890, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know of any programme that are similar to the Student Associate Scheme (http://www.tda.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/career-exploration/sas.aspx) but for MFL? My friend did the SAS for secondary chemistry, but when I looked it up I found out that they don't offer MFL placements. I am very interested in participating in a scheme similar to the SAS (as a way of gaining experience while I finish my last year of university), so if anyone can point me in the direction of something I would be grateful. Thanks!
  2. I did SAS myself while at Uni, and we had SAS students in my school a few years ago - perhaps they have recently stopped doing it? Anyway, I'm sure that if you got in touch with a local school and offered your help they'd snap it up!
  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    Which Uni are you at?
  4. Jessaki

    Jessaki Occasional commenter

    I am an NQT, but I actually used to work for the Student Associates Scheme at the University of Manchester.

    The way it works is that every SAS provider is given a quota to recruit for every year, but Maths, Chemistry and Physics are priority one, for which they have to recruit the most students for. MFL comes under priority two and rather than having to recruit a specific number of students for each subject (as with Priority one) they have a maximum number they can recruit for priority two (which encompasses about 5 other subjects). There is also priority three (English, History etc).
    Each SAS provider is given their targets by the TDA at the beginning of each academic year, and the numbers are getting less and less, thanks to the financial crisis. Also, not all providers are given recruitment figures for anything other than Priority One subjects, which is you may have had trouble finding an MFL placement, or the providers you have tried have already recruited enough for MFL for the year.
    What you can do is contact the Open University, as they are an SAS provider, but you would have to arrange your own placement. You could also contact a local SAS provider and ask to arrange your own MFL placement (some will allow this), as not every provider will get MFL placements offered to them by the local schools - I worked with over 40 schools and were always short on subject placements versus recruited students.
    Quite a long explanation, sorry about that - I guess I did have a life other than lesson planning before?!?!
    So, contact the OU about a placement, and/or contact any other local provider about doing the scheme but arranging your own placement..
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.

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