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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    School have refused me representation at my end of informal incapability meeting as it is not in their policy at the informal stage. This meeting will be the one where I am told what their decision is. I am fairly certain it will be to go to formal capability. The meeting is the last day of term. When I return after the holidays I will be on formal capability, but of course I will not have the opportunity to see a union representative in the mean time. Advice from regional office is to contact them as soon as the meeting is over and they will contact the school and for me not to return after the holidays so that formal proceedings cannot start, i.e. go off sick. until they have sorted something out. I have never had a day of sick in my working life and this would not be genuine, besides I am concerned about my exam classes. I want to hand my resignation in but union say no, wait, see what can be negotiated. I am not overly bothered for a financial settlement unless they want me out before the end of the school year, I just want an acceptable reference. I will not return to teaching except possibly supply for which I have a good reputation with an agency anyway.

    What am I to do?

    Despite pretending I am not overly bothered by all this the immediate stress is getting to me and I just want it all over so I can move on.
  2. libby77

    libby77 Occasional commenter

    Bless you. These 'support' plans are bloody awful! It is shocking they are not allowing representation! That's seems wrong.

    I would stick it out as per unions advice. Don't enter into formal capability however! This is then on your record forevermore! Financial compensation (that's what I call it!) may not be what you are after but it also gives you an agreed reference.

    I was like you. Against my work ethics to be off sick unless absolutely necessary. I have been forced off through ridiculous disciplonary threats for showing signs of stress and have hated it. I just want to do the job I'm good at! I'm going down the settlement route. I need to move on to a school in which I will be appreciated! It's just trying to find the right one!

    It's the right time of year approaching for job hunting :)
  3. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    Thank you Libby, I am not going to apply for another teaching job again, I have had enough.
  4. libby77

    libby77 Occasional commenter

    I don't blame you :-( It's a sad state of affairs!

    I think many, many are choosing to work to live and not vice-versa!
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Hang on in there!

    If you are going to leave anyway. And go to a non-teaching job. Then really you have every interest in hanging on and getting whatever is available in the form of a supportive reference that recognises, for starters, your excellent attendance and punctuality record.

    Make sure that this is mentioned in the reference!

    And if you manage to also see your exam classes through to the entrance to the Exam Hall, then you are coming out winning, and with your Head Held High.

    There might be a possibility of some money, but don't bank on it. Your aim should be to get paid until 31 August.

    My advice is that you request to be accompanied in the meeting, not by a representative, but by a colleague who will take notes on your behalf as you may be too distressed to do so. This is a very reasonable request. Don't accept the Head's Secretary. If they say that she will be taking minutes too, thank them and say you look forward to receiving those, but would also like a colleague in to take notes too.

    And say as little as possible in the meeting. If necessary respond to questions by saying something along the lines of I am not able to answer that just at present as I am stressed, I'll need more time to reply.

    If you know that you are going to leave anyway (but do NOT tell them that at this stage), then you needn't really be worried over the holiday about the next stage. What can they do to you? Get you to leave. Big deal - you are leaving anyway, they just don't know it!

    Best wishes

  6. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    Thank you Theo for the advice, I will see if there is someone I trust free to come with me. My aim is to survive and be paid until the 31st of August. I do not want (and, fortunately, do not need) any additional money from the school. I am not a greedy or unreasonable person.
  7. libby77

    libby77 Occasional commenter

    Look after your finances. I'm not greedy I just have no choice :-( it's the first time in my career I am jobless (I know I am lucky), but it doesn't mean I'm not extremely stressed by it and my mortgage etc. The whole situation has caused me great illness in my case :-(
  8. iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam

    iamsnotwhoyouthinkiam New commenter

    I have not always taught so have other feathers in my cap. I know I will be able to earn some money even if it is minimum wage. I also have an additional income stream which although not massively lucrative due to time limitations would keep bread on the table if I did more. I feel for you as I know if my finances were not better I would be a lot more stressed. In a way I have little to complain about. I should not be surprised that other humans treat others as excrement for their own ends, indeed I am not as it seems to be the norm. Just puzzled as to what they get out of it.

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