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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by caress, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. caress

    caress Occasional commenter

    I'm going through a tough time in my personal life, caused by choices I made that I felt would improve things in the long run, but have caused a lot of problems in the interim & and I feel I'm really struggling. Work is hectic at the moment, so many people are off I end up with numerous please-takes and due to lack of personnel there's usually no work left. I'm fortunate that the pupils are all lovely where I am but they're getting fed up at missing out on practical lessons and being left what are clearly rushed resources or nothing at all.

    I go home to an empty flat, & my hands are constantly shaking so much I struggle to type or even hold a cup without spilling it. I've got a doctor's appointment next week and I hope he can help. I already suffer from bipolar - another medical professional has suggested he signs me off but the idea of sitting on my own brooding over things is almost worse than being at work. I'm crying as I type this. I don't know what I hope for as help; I just want to speak to people who understand. I'm so struggling putting on a brave face every day. I know from reading this a lot of people have it a lot worse than me though, so that makes me feel more guilty.
  2. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Thought this was my thread back again... haha I kid!

    1. You are not alone, a lot of us have been there...

    2. Your health must come first! And it sounds like you are struggling. I don't much about bipolar but please prioritise your health.

    3. Learn to say NO. I'm sure the please-takes are done sweetly but you have the right to say NO.

    4. Have you got something to look forward to? Christmas with family? Friends? I know I'm looking forward to seeing my step-daughter and then my parents. You've got to give yourself the bright lights in the darkness.

    5. Might I suggest taking a hard look at how you are working and identifying where you are struggling to keep up. Are you core tasks easy for you? Is it the extra stuff being piled on that makes it tough or are you struggling with the core tasks? If your line manager is the decent, caring type [mine wasn't, hope yours is] maybe sit down and raise these concerns with them. Calmly discuss the issues and see if you can reach a resolution.

    Oh you big numpty! Don't you be so silly. We all struggle, we all find stuff difficult at times! It's life. But you aren't alone.
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    How very very hard it is for you at present! But what you must do ABOVE ALL is think of your health.

    Without that, nothing else can go right. You must think of your health and see the GP.

    @lanokia has given you some good suggestions too, but get that health looked at - you must look after yourself.

    Best wishes

  4. Larsy

    Larsy New commenter

    Concentrate on your health as others have said.
  5. caress

    caress Occasional commenter

    Thank you all for your advice, I'm seeing the doctor on Thursday and will tell him everything. Thank you again x
  6. joannagb

    joannagb Occasional commenter

    Caress, please think about getting some counselling or CBT as well as whatever else happens, just being able to have a conversation in person with someone non-judgemental and confidential can really help. I hope the doctor is helpful today, we're still here if you need us.

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