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Discussion in 'Music' started by dropje, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    Been a HoD since 2004 and I am really struggling to keep motivated. I would apply for promotional opportunities in my school but there just aren't any. Ideally I would love Head of Performing Arts but this lady is staying indefinitely. I need something to get my spark back.I am so bored with Action Plans, Data analysis, Sef's, data, data, new schemes, worksheets, chasing peri kids, more data.
    Any ideas? The days are long, very long.......
  2. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Sideways move to another school? Build their department up from a low base?
  3. v12


    Become something else within the school as well - I run the annual Ardèche trip, for instance.
  4. HOD for 15years and then we moved to France; opened a B&B (lots of transferable skills!), and I now teach in 2 schools of music, play for a choir, play for a Breton dance group, Mrs M teaches French to the English and English to the French, never a dull moment and not an imposed iniative in sight.
    I have to thank the then (2002) govt. for creating a situation of Yr9- new KS3, Yr10- new GCSE, Yr 11- old GCSE, Yr12- 1 year into new AS, Yr13- new A2... to helping reach the decision of "sod this for a game of soldiers".
    There is a life out there, a proper one, dream a little...

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