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struggling with weaning, when and what? What's your schedule?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by singing readhead, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hi ILTW - 6 months already!
    everyone will have different opinions on this. I personally favour an approach where you react to them.
    persevere with the TT cup, but why not try a bit of water in whatever bottle you normally give milk in?
    my friend had a good idea - three meals a day and bottles on request at any other time.
    sounds like your LO is having more feeds than mine was by 7 months. I found the annabel carmel baby weaning book really helpful.
    good luck
  2. oh, and incase your interested - our rough routine is: (at 10 months)
    wake up -porridge formula milk / or bottle then dry cereal as finger food
    afternoon bottle 7oz
    evening bottle 7oz
  3. I failed on the first day of my new plan, well kind of!
    LO slept until 8.30 and did nt want her bottle. I thought considering the last bottle was 10.30, she would be starving. She drank about 2.5oz and refused anymore. Tried giving yoghurt to top up, ate some but then refused. She's now sat in her chair happily gurgling away! What? Why?
    Does she not realise I now have a plan!!!
  4. I never ever got 21oz down my daughter after 6 months and that wasnt what I was told by HV 2 years ago (but realise advice changes fast!!!!) I dont think she had much more than that before she was weaned. I think you have to listen to what the baby wants because their bodies regulate it and try not to stress too much. I'm 34 and at that time babies were put onto cows milk at 6 months to put it into perspective and we all seemingly survived! Also remember if baby was breastfed you would have no idea how much milk they were taking anyway.
  5. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    your LO sounds happy and well fed! try not to get too hung up on it. just when you think you've got it sussed, they move the goal posts, little monkeys. my ravenous 11 month old went on hunger strike a few weeks ago and only wanted milk. everyone on here reassured me this was quite normal and, sure enough, his appetite has returned as normal.
    i would stop giving her milk before her food as she'll be too full to eat, offer her water in a tomee tippee (the cheapest flip up spout one is the one everyone i know uses and i've found it to be best after trying about 80 different ones) with her food. then give bottles as 'snacks' between meals or at the end of food in case she's still hungry.
    at 11 months, my LO has a bottle as soon as he wakes, then cereal half an hour/hour later, another bottle between breakfast and lunch, lunch, then dinner with a bottle at bed. he has about 6oz and sometimes finishes them, sometimes not.
    i agree with what others have said re baby led weaning, we did a mix of that and pureeing and sometimes it's lovely to just leave them busying away with a selection of finger food. i have often found if i get on with something in the kitchen and leave LO alone to explore, i'll turn around and find him scoffing!
  6. From your OP it sounds like your LO is quite a hungry baby but has discovered that food is much more exciting than milk! My LO was breastfed but this was (and still is) her opinion too. Right from the word go she would eat loads and as I cut out each feed, she would further increase her intake of solids. Obviously I had no idea how much milk she was having but she used to feed for a long time.
    Our 'routine' was very similar to what Kittenmittens describes. We did purees initially as she was a very hungry baby and I found that they really filled her up but we now we do a good mix of both. I really wouldn't worry about the water, it took LO a good 6 months to drink properly from a Tommee Tippee cup, I'm sure this is longer than most! I think it also takes a fair while for them to associate thirst with drinking.
  7. 16 hours and she has drunk a max of 3oz.The second I give her milk its like feeding a plank of wood. She ate her lunch of carrot and peas and then yoghurt but will not touch milk. Have bought rusks and baby wheat biscuit things to disguise milk for tomorrows breakfast
    With water in a cup, is it ok to just use water from a previously boiled kettle. What is the reason for not being able to use tap water? Sorry if im being a bit thick!
    She is a healthy baby and even for a premmie (7 wks) she was big and im constantly told this but she still is young and im so worried that she is nt getting the nutrients she needs and will dehydrate. When you spend a month in special care you do get a bit obsessed over things like this!!
    Thanks for all you advice x

  8. We had very bad milk days at her age. I cant remember exactly how much she took but what I do remember is it varied massively from day to day. If you are really worried then have a chat with the health visitor about it, I found them distinctly unconcerned. You may find in a few days she takes a bit more anyway.
  9. tortuman

    tortuman New commenter

    I did mixed breastfeeding and solids with a bit of BLW, so with breastfeeding you are never really sure how much she 's drinking.
    I would not get paranoid about the milk, at the end of the day cow's milk or formula is not ideal, so if she doesn't want it, so be it. In terms of liquid intake, take into account that pur'ees, vegetables and fruit also contain water, so she won't dehydrate, specially in winter. Just keep an eye on her nappies and start worrying if you can smell amonia in her nappies and/or they are very dry as that would be a sign of dehydration.
    I think that at 6 months if she is happy with purees you can give her pretty much everything, all vegetables and fruits... just make normal stews and soups as you would for an adult, albeit with less salt, and blend them. I didn't introduce fish and meat till until she was nearly one year, but I think most people introduce them earlier.
    At 7-8 months maybe you can start doing chunckier soups, so she starts using her chewing, and/or offering her bits of food as per the BLW system.
  10. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    ummm, not sure about the relevance of this to the original poster's questions. she has chosen to feed her baby formula, not your place to say it's 'not ideal'. i think we're all aware that breastmilk is the perfect food for a baby, in its absence, formula is an ideal complete food until weaning.
    in addition, to say 'so be it' if she doesn't want milk is not good advice. a six month old baby does not get all the nutrients they need from solid food, their diets are not wide enough. baby still needs milk (breast or bottle) to supplement a weaning diet. she won't dehydrate from lack of milk, but will be missing out on important vitamins and iron.
    'hiding' dairy in her food is a really good idea if she's refusing to drink it. sounds like you're already doing that.
  11. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Same. We started weaning at five months and by seven months, with HV agreement, she was on three and then just two breastfeeds a day (on waking and at bedtime). She'll accept being fed for a few spoonfuls but then wants to do it herself (even more so now, she's starting to try and use the spoon by herself, too!). I think as long as you can include lots of dairy in the food- cheese sauces, yoghurts/fromage frais, porridge made with milk, rice pudding...- and also offer a wide variety of food, then baby will be fine. Ours has what we have, unless we're having something she shouldn't like chillis, salty food or very processed stuff (not that often, honest!).
    As for water, we offer it with every meal and between them, sometimes she drinks it and sometimes she doesn't. We have a doidy cup (a tilted-over one) which she likes best, though she'll drink from any beaker, mug or glass- not from a spout, though. I think you can get the doidy cups at Sure Start centres; we found one in John Lewis.
  12. Tap water in the UK is absolutely fine from 6 months.
  13. If you are worried she is not getting enough formula coulkd you make porridge with formula? Cows milk is important in the diet but doesn't have the added nutrition that formila does. Or you could give vitamin drops.... but she is having some formula so I would try not to worry.

    I think what you are doing is good though, but know weaning can be really worrying.

    S drinks water from a sippy cup or doidy.

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