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Struggling with Story Writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by youngg, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I would suggest forgetting about the stories and just concentrating on making your animations from your storyboards. If the children have created a storyboard and know their stories, is writing the story down really neccessary? You haven't said whether you've made animations with the class before but from my experience this takes a lot of time, so you will need to alllow for this.
  2. Thanks for the reply youngg.

    I haven't done animation movies before with any class and your suggestion seems a wise one. I'll abandon the story writing, although it was something that pupils had asked to do, and just focus on writing skills of stories e.g. setting the scene and character description.
  3. msworld

    msworld New commenter

    It would be nice if the kids could get to write their own stories, especially if they have asked to do so. Have you tried shared and modelled writing ?
    At the beginning of the lesson you could share some notes you have written for your own introduction and then clearly model fleshing them out to make a full introduction, discussing your thought processes and how to, for example, describe your character and setting. You could ask for contributions from the class. Then you could ask the pupils to consider and discuss what they need in their opening...
  4. Another way round could be to do the writing after the animation (if you haven't run out of time) using the animation (or freeze-frames from it) as a basis for the writing. Their ideas for the story may well have fleshed out by the time they've done the animations. Or they could act their stories out to develop the stories more. What was the original learning intention - story writing or animation?

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