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Struggling with new BTEC Business Level 2 course

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by sairad, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. sairad

    sairad New commenter

    Well, I'm in my first year delivering the new BTEC Business Award Level 2, I had started with Unit One Enterprise in the Business World and got to the first assignment before Christmas, this didn't go well and the students struggled with all elements and have barely reached Pass level even though some should be able to do Distinction. I decided to stop doing that Unit as the students needed to understand finance for the remainder of the Business plan part. I have taught that unit and planned to do the test before the end of the summer term but our students have work experience and that now needs to be postponed until the start of Year 11. I am now worried that I'm going to run out of time and the students are finding everything so hard and get bored with some of the subject matter.

    I am interested to know which other Units you are planning to do as the options, I had thought Unit 3 and Unit 8 but looking at Unit 3 and some of the resources Pearson and Collins sell as downloads I am concerned that Unit 3 looks really difficult and not at all quick to deliver.

    Any help, advice her would be appreciated. I am not doing this course again after this class, my experience this year has totally put me off. Too much paperwork, too little time to teach the content and carry out the assessments.
  2. bizent

    bizent Star commenter

    I think you might be one of many to have had this experience!
  3. I have done unit 8 and was also considering doing unit 3 but not planned this yet ... i was hoping to do so over the next few weeks. My students also struggled with unit 1 and i'm also completing unit 2 test before the summer. Unit 8 is a nice unit to complete and students should find this relatively 'easy'.

    You do know there is new criteria from September where you have to teach the content first and when you think students are able to go ahead and complete the whole assignment then you give that out with a set time frame. It is marked once only and if they have to re-do they are supposed to do the whole thing again? They aren't allowed any formal feedback.
  4. michael102

    michael102 New commenter

    Sounds like the death of BTEC to me!
  5. sairad

    sairad New commenter

    I understand you must deliver the whole of a Learning Aim and then the assignment must be taken, that is what I did with Learning Aim A for Unit One, the trends and national and local factors affecting a start-up business. My students have struggled with many of those concepts and after 23 years delivering a wide range of Business Courses at GCSE I really think I have encountered a course that is neither student friendly or teacher friendly. We will be offering the GCSE Business Studies course to our Year Ten students next year, the Edexcel one. I just hope that is better suited to my students!
  6. michael102

    michael102 New commenter

    The Edexcel GCSE Business is great, if you need any resources just pop me a message, will be sorting out all my stuff ready for next year over the enxt couple weeks!
  7. I just wrote all the assignments for the L2 Business units because I am delivering the new specs for the first time. BTEC Level 2 extended Certificate. I notice that the range of units are the same whether you delivering the award and the Certificate. After looking at the specifications it more or less a rehash of the old specs in a different form (then again BTEC always seem to recycling units even though the content remains the same. I have written the following unit assignments which are designed in such a way, that the learner undertake all the passes first followed by Merits and then Distinction. The units are

    Unit 1 Enterprise in the Business World

    Unit 3 Promoting a brand

    Unit 4 Principles of Customer Service

    Unit 6 Recruitment, Selection and Employment

    Unit 10 Introducing law and consumer rights

    Unit 13 Financial planning and forecasting

    I am in the process of writing Unit 15 Public Sector Business and Unit 16 Enhancing the customer experience. If anyone has written Unit 15, I be interested in a copy.

    I would like a question to be answered. Do you have to have provide an interim feedback before giving a final feedback grade? I be interested if anyone have an interim feedback form handy

    Contact john.tsang@hotmail.co.uk.if anyone like to have a copy of the units in return for any good resources.
  8. Hold on in there. It gets easier second time around. We started with unit 1 first time around; a big mistake. It took far too long to teacher the content. We now start with unit 3- interesting and accessible; followed by unit 2. We are going to do unit 1 and unit 8 in year 11. The GLH are not realistic for our learners; we think most units take twice as long as recommended by the board.

    Would be interested to hear other people's views
  9. I started with unit 3, then 2, 8, and we're now on 1. unit 8 second assignment was a struggle for my classes, especially the distinction criteria. Am also considering the gcse as the time spent on paperwork is too onerous. The time guidelines in the SoWs are unrealistic, we needed about double on everything so far, and so many guidelines on marking seem contradictory to me.
  10. julie282

    julie282 New commenter

    The big picture for my groups is to do units 1 and 2 in year 10 and units 3 and 6 (Retailing) in Year 11. But because I have inherited a group that suffered massive staffing problems I am having to do 3, 2 and 6 in year 11 :-(

    I have uploaded my branding worksheets onto the resources area. If any one has Retailing resources or worksheets/ books I'd be most grateful if they'd let me have a copy :) .
  11. Sizzler801

    Sizzler801 New commenter

    The death of BTEC is nigh. I think i'll move to the VCERT. BTEC have shot themselves in the foot by creating sooo much work for the teachers. The protocols and policies are ridiculous. The timeline you have to create is a joke.

    My assignment brief was criticised before Christmas by a BTEC quality inspector even though it was the one from the BTEC website. He backtracked when I told him it was suggested and passed on his own website.

    The content is shocking and students don't enjoy the irrelevant parts. My advice is to scrap it.
  12. Busimiss

    Busimiss New commenter

    I agree Sairad. Cannot wait to move on from this qual next year. I am delivering Unit 4 instead of Unit 3 from last year - as the latter is too confusing and hard. My main concern is Unit 1 impossible to deliver and students hate it! Unit 2 exam is very difficult and no grade boundaries available until later; therefore difficult to advise students how far away they were from passing. Too many of my students only achieved Level 1 (they are Level 2 predicted). Paperwork for staff is onerous and EV process unbelievable. Not only puts the students off doing Level 3 but also is putting students off Business Students. Edexcel need to look at this qualification with some urgency,...
  13. julie282

    julie282 New commenter

    If you look in the resources I have done a complete set of worksheets for the Branding unit
  14. Have experienced the same problems as you! Unit 1 is a complete nightmare; unit 17 a bit better but learners are confused as to what is expected from them. OCR next year I think
  15. I am reading this post after completing my 30th witness statement; having struggled all year with this monster of a course, I am at breaking point. It is 12.30 on Easter Monday night and my son is complaining that the computer has been on for too long. As to what on earth posses any sound minded individual to spend the entire Easter holidays catching up on endless amounts of paperwork for what the students will achieve is barely a Pass, is beyond me. After 20 years of teaching, I have dedicated two of the remaining days of my holiday to look for other work outside of education. However, reading this makes me feel human again...so thank you everyone, I thought it was me.
  16. sairad

    sairad New commenter

    I totally understand what you are saying, I spent two days in school during the Easter holidays trying to sort out the paperwork for my students who have only achieved level 1 passes in the online test and can therefore only achieve that level overall regardless of their coursework. Many of them are now totally de-motivated as a consequence and although they can re-sit the test they seem unwilling to try it again.

    I have moved to GCSE in Year 10 and my class are enjoying that Edexcel course. I really wish I had done this a year earlier!

    Partly due to the horrendous experience with my BTEC class I have decided to leave teaching, it has been the end for me and after 25 years in this job I've finally said enough is enough.

    This course is so difficult, and the students don't enjoy it. I admire those who have stuck with it, I have usually been able to work through difficulties but now this time.
  17. I think the new course is awful. I worked for Citigroup for 11 years before coming into teaching and I find the whole course and the moderators are an embarrassment to the public sector. We are having issues with some of our students work, they have checked it and disagreed with the decisions. However, they can't tell us what we need to do to rectify it. The specification in some areas is far too vague and this will lead to problems. Other departments are getting a huge report back, explaining what the students need to do to pass the criteria, yet we are not. This shows there is no continuity with Pearson.

    It has completely disillusioned myself and my colleagues. From a business person's perspective I feel they haven't got a clue. We already do AQA GCSE Business and I hope we put everyone on to that or offer the Edexcel GCSE for the BTEC students.

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