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struggling with doing 'general' supply as a nqt- what does everybody else feel?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by buddyholly7, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I've made supply my profession; and, doing that means reminding myself that the job-spec is so vastly different from the rest of the staff's.
    Being coldly pragmatic, I'm, grateful for each day's offer of work...then, don't really expect the kids to perform as they may otherwise do. My base-line and priorities are wildly different. That said, the kids who want to prosper will do so, with our input, however that may manifest itself. As for the wildlife aspect: keeping calm, cheerful and honest seem to work for me. They're not daft...and they'll react badly if you try to mislead them in any way. As they're bound to. Good luck!
    "Who threw that chair!"
  2. I'm a history teacher and this year I have taught art, maths, English, Science, D&T, R.E. and gone into Primary schools too. I don't mind doing this as long as the cover set is clear but on too many occasions no work is set until the very last minute and it is a nightmare! If I don't know what I'm doing I get students to explain tasks to the rest of the class for merits. (they don't need to know that I haven't a clue ;-) )
  3. If you are getting general cover on supply rates you are doing well!
    If you are new to the teaching game, then supply teaching in different schools, and taking on different subjects is a fantastic whole school learning experience.
    Don't expect to much of yourself on the out of subject covers. If the teacher leaves good work then break it down into bite size chunks.
    If you get a days art you will probably get one or two out of art covers anyway.
    I am an art college trained designer and have often done long term art bookings. You still have to establish the routines if you are using paint or clay for example, before you teach art. So on a day booking, you can hardly go in and do Jackson Pollock on the first day.
    If you are in for a definite week then yes go and do your stuff, to the department guidelines of course.

  4. I have only qualified this year and have been doing regular supply, only 2 days doing my subject mind (music). Have to say though, the skills you will acquire (especially in terms of behaviour management) doing general supply will work tremendously in your favour when you get your job. I have had to cover a week of SEN english with very low ability groups, french lessons, science, maths, drama... each one has given me a deeper insight into why i teach music! But the skills gained are indispensable.
  5. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I've taught six different subjects to exam level so I don't mind general cover, and the only subjects I won't teach on supply are PE and Drama. PE because I know my limits, and Drama because it's usually a complete pain in the **** and a safety risk.

    To be honest you should be able to stand in for most KS3 subjects equipped with a good general education and a bit of common sense, and the variety of content and approaches you see in other subjects is all useful for the future.

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