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struggling to make Sikhism topic interesting!

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by gud4age, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. gud4age

    gud4age New commenter

    Hi RE specialists,
    I am a non specialist given the entry level group who do not want to do RE, so I have been up against it from day1. I have searched for resources but limited to BBC schools site - does any one have anything or any ideas where I can look. Also suggestions on how to bring topic alive would be great. The specialist has died and no one in school to ask at the moment.
    Can't find anything new on this site in resources either!
  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    How many students, what age and ability. what mix of gender, culture and religious background are these students?
  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Group work - using computers if you have them, photocopies and books if not - with research time, preparation of presentations and presentation time followed by reflection/evaluation/ peer assessment
    presentations using Power Point or posters (cut and paste, photos, quotes and symbols etc, colourful felts for writing) if no computer suite available.
    topics to explore include - Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, Vaisakkhi (including the 5 K's) The Guru Granth Sahib, Langar, Sikh worship - including music, Sikhism today, Sikhs in Britain (including tensions between Sikhs and other communities),
    I'll think about this more when I know more about the actual group you have. I love teaching Sikhism, there is such a lot in it. In 2004 I attended the World Parliament of Religions in Barcelona. Each day the British Sikhs fed over 10,000 people free in their huge Langar tent on the beach. Some days I went and gave service in the kitchens, It was a total joy. Afterwards I met the 'Babaji' in charge - from the Brimingham Hamdsworth Gurdwara so I have some great contacts if you
  4. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    (sorry, I find this process quite tempramental. Sometimes it looses all your work, other times posts it before you have finished.)
    anyway, I can give contacts if you would like.
    When you have done all the research, presentations, reflection and assessment, do try to arrange a visit to a Gurdwara. Go along before and meet the people who will be guiding your students round. Make a note of interesting things for the students to look out for - you can make up a booklet for them to tick off things they see, fill in missing items etc - a bit like a treasure hunt - and encourage the students to prepare questions.

    Some of the great things I find with Sikhism are the strength of community suppor, how all members of the family - even little kids who can hardly walk - have a welcome place in the worship and Langar. Also the strong sense of respect and equality for women , the central position of music, the welcome extended to other cultures and religions etc.

    problem areas tend to be due to cultural insecurity - the sort of problems faced by all imigrant communities - young people feeling insecure, getting pulled into gangs, tensions between Sikh gangs and other community gangs, some families stribing to keep traditions of arranged marriage and putting pressure on youngsters who are growing up here , so a girl may go to College wearing traditional clothes, change into jeans at College, wear makeup etc and 'be western' all day then change back into traditional clothes before going home - which can create tensions is one side of the coin,
    Young people marrying out of the faith or moving away rather than staying within the extended family which can leave elderly people loneoly and isolated
    .... Invite some local Sikhs to come in and talk to the class about their faith - the sense of strength and identity it gives them, the spiritual aspects they experience, - and any problems they find from being a minority community or tensions between generations...
    I hope this is a start at least, and just saw the time. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

    Good night and good luck!
  5. Great episode about the Golden temple on the Michael Palin DVDs
    I would do some drama about thow the Khalsa was founded
  6. gud4age

    gud4age New commenter

    Hi, you are all great a big thanks.
    At the moment their behaviour is so bad I could not risk group work again! A silly bunch of 28 miixed ability year 10s with only about half well behaved. The RE teacher has been taken seriously ill so we do not have a specialist yet. Resources I can find online will be a great help I am ok with basic knowledge of Sikhism just want to reduce the planning bit, and how to get them hooked. Thanks for Mick Palin tip I have that DVD and forgot! Also have a bendy beckham . once again thanks
  7. I have only recently joined TES and realise that you asked this question over a year ago now !
    I am quite often called into schools to help carry out Sikh Education Workshops and assemblies.
    If you need to contact me, please email on mrharkiratsingh@sky.com and I will be glad to help.
    Harkirat Singh

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