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Struggling to get on top of lesson planning

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MissKDH, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Hello!
    I'm on a 4 year degree course (science education with QTS), this is my second year and I'm on placement in a secondary school. I started 2 weeks before half term-my second day I got Noro, which knocked me out for two days, then I got a stinking sinus infection that I've only just gotten over. To add to the mix, I've got a 6 year old who demands (and needs) my time.
    I started teaching last week, at my full 50% time table. Not only am I doing science, but I have a form group too, along with having to teach history, PSHE and business studies. I'm really, REALLY struggling to get my lesson plans in 24 hours in advance and already I'm getting in trouble. My lesson plans need to be in extensive detail, and currently take about 2 hours each. If I'm making resources (which I'm finding I have to do more and more...already), that can double the time.
    I'm exhausted already. I worked all day yesterday to get plans in, but one teacher didn't reply back till very late and wanted me to make changes. Another doesn't have the internet at home so I'm trying to get these in extra early so they can be checked whilst there's access at school. I'm also spending very little time with my child, we got home today, I cooked tea and now I'm back to planning. HELP!!!!
  2. I need to add that my plans are fine (perfect, I've been told) and my teaching's good too. What with running around from lesson to lesson and class to class, and home commitments, I'm finding there aren't enough hours in the day...
  3. I was exactly the same and don't even ahve a six year old so well done so far
    seriously as many on this forum told me - talk to your mentor and/or link tutor at uni, they can do stuff like reduce the amount of lessons you teach
    Also my mentor said lesson plans dont have to be that detailed, try and keep to a few bullet points and if the mentor wants more detail you can explain that detail orally

  4. Thanks :) My science mentor asked my main mentor about me dropping lessons and was told no. Off the record, it was because the PSHE was meant to start in September so I'm being used to pick it up now. I've been told that my lesson plans have to be detailed so that in theory OFSTED could pick one up and understand what I'm doing...
  5. Thats what they told me too so I ploghed on every night for hours on writing lesson plans and lots of other stuff. Then I found out that most other mentors that my friends had let them off doing next to no paperwork and the uni didn't care one bit
    So basically what I'm saying is concentrate on delivering good lessons - thats the main job as a tecaher, use the lesson plan templates to guide you but don't worry about filling them in too much detail if it means you are going lose sleep, at worse your mentor can just give you a lower mark at the end
  6. I totally agree with Sage - I often find the best lesson planning is done when you are simply just thinking without any distraction. I often come up with good ideas whilst driving!!

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