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struggling to fit everything in..please help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pink007, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am fairly new to reception so please bear with me, I have a lot of questions! ;)
    I would really like to know what 'best practise' looks like and how you fit things in to the week. At the moment I do guided reading with all the children (there are 5 groups in my class of 30 children) one day a week, then guided writing with all 5 groups another day, within this there will be carpet times where I might introduce a new sound, read a story or do a focused literacy activity. During these days my TA will be doing handwriting practise or something similar, the rest of the children are either independently doing an adult initiated activity or playing. Then on the other days we do P.E and focus on maths activities, so I will have focused maths carpet times and then me and my TA will do some small group maths activities. During these days I will also have KUW, CD (related to our topic) and some PSHE carpet times. The 5th day is when we share the learning diaries with the children and write up observations with them, etc.
    My dilemma is, does this sound ok?? Or should we have more CLL and PSRN everyday? Also, I think my TA and I need to be in CP more but it's trying to find the time to fit this in too.I am trying to introduce more enhanced provision in the different areas to try and lead the children's play on and give them new experiences as well because at the moment there's not a lot of this happening in our unit, the children just select from resources that are permanently on the shelves. Any advice and suggestions on how it works best for others would really be appreciated!
    Thank you!
  2. I'd say, try not to think about the 6 areas of learning as being separate and you can fit a lot more into less time. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever done a carpet session on just KUW. A lot of things can come out of the enhancements that you put into your CP areas. If you timetable yourself to observe in these areas, you'll see how the chdn use them and this will probably give you ideas of how to extend or change the enhancements the following week. We plan 2 lit based and 2 maths based teacher led group tasks per week and tend to do what you do, spending a morning on one and then a morning on another. We do a 15 min phonics or maths carpet input too.
    You don't say whether you do topics or just go with children's interests. Which ever one you do, I'd say would be a good start when you're thinking abot how to enhance the areas. Eg, if you're doing about space, you could add some silver paper and photographs of rockets to the junk modelling area and make your sand tray into a lunar landscape or, if your'e going with interests and the children are particularly interested in the ice and frost outside, you could put your water tray outside to freeze or freeze a giant water balloon with numbers of letters inside to put in there.
    We do guided reading too but, interestingly I was on a course last week and they said that guided reading with Rec was to some extent pointless and the time would be much better spent doing individual reading. Of course, they said that guided reading from the point of view of sharing a book with a group and discussing it was beneficial, just not as a 'reading' exercise so I think we'll probably stop that.
    We share a TA between two classes and use her for group tasks, 1:1 support and observations. If you have a TA to yourself, you could probably use her to help with your group tasks, freeing you up to put yourself in the areas for some sessions.
    Hope this helps.

  3. hey relax, chill out. get off (the merry go round) step back , watch them, listen to them. Talk about the things that interest them. You've got a guest pass and a seat in the stalls in the greatest show on earth. birth, devleopment and growth. New life is on stage before you You worked hard to get in, don't miss it reading the program notes.
    Life for them is an endless source of mystery and revelation. The course of life is long. They are only three, four and five, too young to be measured against what they 'cant do' 'must do' should do', objectives and achievements mean nothing when set against the pure wind that runs through them, the molten life that teems through them.
    These years are about learning to read the heart of life, not books, the 'shades of the prison house' - as WOrdsworth said I think- are far away, outshone byt the brilliance and dazzle of their own day. DOn't rush them too soon towards those shadows. Nor stand there too long yourself.
    Early years teaching is a vocation, 'you are the bow from which theliving arrows are sent forth, let your joy be in the bending' as Kahil Gibran said (or something like that). You need time and space to reflect. Look for it now. Feel the rythms of the children, breath deeply and let your guide be the truths they show you in those moments when your insight is charged with power and truth from the energy and delight of serving them. Do not be overburdened by the relentless, worrying and toiling that the SMT or the head may want you to assume is the motivefor your teaching, your lightness is what will reach the children as that most nearly nirrors their own sense.
    So chill out. The actors are in place, the lines are learned, the plot was written a long time ago. Give yourself over and imagine with them. Good luck. Its a great show.

  4. Come on folks this girl is asking for help! Anyone out here!


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