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struggling pgce

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by han_dix, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have been struggling in the phase B part of PGCE, feeling low and anxious I have spoken to tutor.
    Last week a parent said I was not a good teacher and my teaching was not good enough and pupils have been dicussing it. This did not help.
    I don't think I want to continue with the course I want my life back and am sick of dreading monday all weekend, I am worried about letting the school down I have a position lined up for September but at the moment I am not enjoying any aspect and the thought of continuing as an NQT is dreadful. I just want my admin job back and have spent all weekend very upset and emotional, What should I do? My byfriend and mum do not understand saying all jobs are stressful but they have not expereinced teacher training and seem to think I am exaggerating and I should carry on, not sure what to d my tutor is ringing me up tonight. I feel all my passion and personaility has been sucked out of me. Nearly started crying infront of my class on wednesday ....
    :( has anyone got any advice
  2. Hi han_dix,

    So sorry that you are having such a tough time. The PGCE is a tough course and only those who actually do it can appreciate how tough it is. After feeling incredibly low, stressed, depressed and the realisation that I really do not not enjoy the job, I made the decision to quit last week and will be meeting with my Programme Leader to consider my options.

    I am not suggesting that you should do this because everyone circumstances are different. I would just encourage you to think about what is making you feel this way - is it the school? Teacher? Work load? If it is any of these then you need to remember you can always change schools and that the work load for a student is much more intensive and tedious than that of an actual teacher. Consider that If all those elements were different, would you still be able to enjoy the job? If the answer is yes, then I would encourage you to hang in there. I know that when I was feeling how your feeling a few days ago it was so difficult to see the wood from the trees. I know for me that the deciding factor on whether I should continue was down to whether I actually enjoyed teaching. For me the answer was no. I didn't enjoy thinking of activities and more often than not found standing in up in front of a class draining and not rewarding at all. However I am considering a deferral as I feel having QTS is a useful qualification to have on a CV. But at the moment I am burnout and have absolutely nothing left to give.

    But definitely talk to your tutor. Let them know honestly how your feeling. Maybe you need time to regain your thoughts and so a deferral maybe appropriate for you.
  3. F1sydney

    F1sydney New commenter

    Hi to you both, I was in the exact same position as you last year, I carried on due to having a brilliant mentor in my last placement but knew I did not want to do my NQT year. I also hated the paperwork, the planning all weekend etc. I am currently out of work (from Jan) and am looking for support roles in schools. I also recently went for a job interview in another area and was questioned why I wanted the job when I am a "teacher" they said at interview if a teaching job came up I would go off to do that and would have wasted their money in training me. They said they would in my position as a teaching wage would be so much better and the hours too [​IMG] (this job was shift work). I wanted to shout I just want a job and get off of jobseekers, I never heard from them.
    What I'm saying is, it is now on my CV and I have to write it in job applications that I have a Primary PGCE but I feel that it is not helping my job hunting one bit. I thought it would be worth having but I seriously wish I had given up on the course in the early days and got on with my life. The course drained me, I was always upset couldn't sleep and was full of regret from quitting my job.
    Please consider it carefully, if you are close to the end and have paid a significant amount of money I guess you should carry on, otherwise, how can you explain the gap in your CV?
  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Hello Han,
    I had a terrible final placement of my PGCE - they were the most stressful and long six weeks of my life! I very, very, very nearly failed.
    So I know what you're going through.
    However, my NQT year really picked up, especially as the school made less demands on me in terms of submitting reams of paperwork in advance and evaluating EVERYTHING. Things were more relaxed and I could actually just enjoy the teaching and watching the children learn. I'm three years in now, in Year 6 and, although I sometimes have a wobble wondering if teaching is really for me (particularly when I've had not overly-nice parents say things about me), there are the fab days that carry me through. The day the bad days outnumber the fab days is the day I'll leave teaching!
    Ultimately, it's your decision. But as someone who really struggled in my PGCE, I can confidently say that the NQT year is, while not totally stress-free, a real eye-opener in terms of what teaching is really like. Please do think carefully about your decision. I would say, at this stage, if you can stick with it, do so.
    Good luck. Please keep us updated.

  5. Hi,
    I think I have decided to leave the course. My tutor gave me a few days off to think about it and sleep. I still feel really exhasted and feel like I have no energy to continue.
    I was worrid at first because I have never not completed/ finished somthing, but I think that the best decision for me is to look at alternative routes/ careers and I feel like I am making the right desision. I have learnt so much about myself throughout the PGCE.
    Thank you for all your help and advice
  6. F1sydney

    F1sydney New commenter

    I think it takes more courage to leave the course than stay like I did. I wish you well for the future.

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