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Struggling maths set year 4

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jojojojo, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Can anyone give me any advice please. I teach a year 4 maths set. They are lower/average ability.
    However, I'm finding the kids demoralising as pupils working at a 2a seem stick there and don't seem to be making any progressing. Their basic math skills are really lacking and they all struggle to retain concepts.
    Im worried as the end of the year is approaching and despite lots of effort we're getting nowhere. Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Do they have identified SEN relating to maths? If so, it is understandable that they need longer to consolidate skills. You may well do this already but I'd check that you give them lots of opportunities to revisit objectives and ensure they have lots of concrete resources to help them understand the concepts behind what they are doing. Is there anything in particular they are struggling with? Is there anything you have found that does work well with them?
  3. I can sympathise with you, it is very frustrating for all concerned. At one time there was lots of material available for 'filling the gaps' in Maths knowledge and children needing Wave Three interventions. They gave ideas for helping children to bridge from one level to the next. Copies of these were sent out to each school. It might be worth looking around the shelves to see if they are still there. You used to be able to download but I think things have changed these days (I've retired so am a bit out of touch). You could try the Cumbria Grid for Learning, they have very useful material for interventions as well as other resources. Birmingham Grid for Learning also have an excellent Maths section as do the Welsh Grid for Learning. There is also Springboard Maths? These were useful resources to help children to improve basic Maths skills but again these may have fallen out of favour.
    Hope these ideas are of some use to you - good luck with your search.
  4. Not knowing the children, it can be difficult to suggest ideas but one thing I have found is that confidence is a major issue for many, many children. Constantly trying to push forward erodes whatever little confidence they have because they constantly encounter failure.As you say, their basic k and u is lacking so focusing on basic number bonds can eventually boost them. Using a combination of sums and games can often help to avoid 'boredom'. Often these children can do well in some non-numerical topics.<u> If</u> they do, use them to the children to succeed.
    However, consolidation is a dirty word and children have to be constantly pushed forward altho it just consolidates failure. I have lost count of the arguments i have had over this sort of thing, with DHT/HT/SIP going on about these children need to be taught all the topics at higher levels to give them a chancein Y6 SATs. And of course it counts against you at the end of the year. But this is child-centred teaching-working with children from where they are not from where schools want/need them to be.
  5. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    Can you talk to the teacher of the equivalent group in Year 5 to see what they do? Or the teacher who taught the equivalent Y4 group last year? Or the numeracy coordinator? Or the KS2 coordinator?

    It feels as if someone who knows the pupils and the situation (presumably you are in a big school if you can set pupils in Y4?) is likely to have more useful things to offer than a bunch of strangers on a forum.

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