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Struggling in Y6 with new baby at home

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by littlemiss26, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Hi there, after losing 4 babies I finally had a little one and am so happy she's here. I returned to work this Sept and am struggling to cope. I'm teaching Y6 who are very difficult to manage. At least three pupils are violent on a daily basis, 2 are medicated and at least 5 are seen by counsellors from various agencies for anger management.

    I'm feeling overwhelmed and am not coping with the marking, paperwork and changes in the curriculum etc. When I accepted the post I was offered a different year group, but things changed at the last minute. I spoke to my Head on the INSET day and he advised me to put my baby to sleep and work each night till midnight!!!

    I feel trapped in the post and am scared to ask for fewer days teaching. My husband is a Submariner, and we've had no contact since July so I feel lost and unsure of what to do. I'm unhappy at the school and I dread going in each day. I'm not sure what to do.

  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I'm not sure I have anything especially helpful to say but I didn't want you to feel unsupported? It must be extra hard with husband working away?

    Moving year groups can be especially tough for primary teachers I know - but ultimately the head can do this even to those who object loudly because you are hired as a teacher of primary not of a specific year group?. It does sound as though you may have pulled the short straw on the characters you've been landed with, but that's just unfortunate. I'm going to assume you have some TA support in there with you - Use them - Focus on how to make them work for you and the pupils effectively. Remember they can (should!) be directed to help prepare specific resources differentiated for those children they support if required?. Be constructive in how you direct and manage them with your objective being 1. Getting the job done 2. Making your life easier.

    It is though, thoroughly unreasonable of your head teacher to even suggest that you should be working until midnight - ridiculous. In response I would have curtly informed him of my working hours and a teachers annual contracted hours and asked him to demonstrate how that suggestion fitting into directed time?. Quite simply, your head sounds a ****.

    Practically - If its planning and preparation that you are struggling with - My only advice is to not reinvent the wheel - Make use of the resources available here where possible. When it comes to curriculum changes - Reinvent things you've previously prepared again where possible. In terms of time management - Make curt lists for tasks to get done daily and weekly?. be very shrewd with your time - If that means missing staff room gatherings in order to tick those things off that list so you can get home to spend very important time with your family, do it. If it helps you and you can afford to, hire help - be it a cleaner or an ironing lady I personally think such support is essential to ensure you have quality time at home both to be with your small person and to rest and physically recuperate for the next day.

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