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Structured play for year 1?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dolly P, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. gorgeoustasha

    gorgeoustasha New commenter

  2. I am an NQT in Year 1 and have found it really difficult to understand how ican make sure i am really covering the curriculum while still incorporating high quality playexperiences throughout the day. The year 2 class is very formaland there is somewhat of an ideaology clash between the Year 2 teacher and the reception teacher who is the Key stage 1 co-ordinator. I feel a bit caught in the middle and I'm worreid as others have said that I am going to be the weaklink. I'm trying to run a carousel, with five groups of children moving around all the activivites over a two day period. My afternoons tend to be more whole class basaed with PE, Music and PSHE/Circle Time lessons. My main problem has been the lack of resources in the classroom. It was veryformal before and the resources are just not age appropriate at all. I am wrting a wish list right now. Does anyone have any good ideas for setting up some really good numeracy independent activities related to Addition and Subtraction? Feel so out of my depth. Like everyone I learnt has gone out the window and I have gone backwards. really trying to keep positive but I have no planning from previous years and this is the first time that the schoolhas taken this approach with Year 1. I'm not allowed to use worksheets ever,which I agree with but with 30 children I sometimes need a holding table of some sort. Anyway, I am writing an essay here. Once I get my head around the whole carousel planning I will post it on the resources site.

  3. Has anyone received this file? I've still not got it so if anyone has could they please forward it on to me?

    My email is sonicwaffle at hotmail dot co dot uk and I'd be very grateful!! [​IMG]
  4. Hi,

    Emmy if you are still checking this thread please could I see it too? Or if anyone else has it please could they forward it on to me to save Emmy the hassle?

    Thank you, this site is a lifesaver for ideas-sharing!

  5. Hi enj347. How goes the new timetable? I'n trying to persuade our SMT to let us change the very KS2 style timetable we have at present and I'd be very grateful for a copy of yours.

    Many Thanks


  6. I would love to see your planning template I feel very much in the dark regarding structured play and Year 1. Thanks Jo x
  7. I would very much like to have a copy too!
    Thank u
  8. Hi all,
    I've got a year 1/2 class next year, have come from year 2 with very able year ones, completely formal. The whole structured play thing terrifies me somewhat, so any planning guidance would definitely be useful!
    Please can I have a copy of the wonderful plans sent to katherinium@hotmail.com
    Thanks so much in advance!!
  9. Would it be possible to still get a copy of this??

  10. M_B


    I would appreciate looking at a copy of your planning if you don't mind.
    Many thanks

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