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Structured play for year 1?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dolly P, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. PS have a chat with your recption teachers, they will also have some good ideas on running structured play!
  2. Hi

    I am in the same positon as all the posters above ... any chance I can have a look at yr planning format please?

    Email address is mrs.n.porter@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks :)
  3. Would it be possible to jump on this bandwagon too and have a look at your format? Would be very helpful. Many thanks. nutty200736@hotmail.co.uk
  4. eek I'm moving from Y6 to Y1 (as I'm clearly insane...!) could I please have a look at your format too as I'm clueless!!

    Thank you so much

  5. Could I jump on the bandwagon too please? I am in a private school which doesn't like change but we're hearing structured play IS the way forward. Can i ask Yr1 teachers out there how you organise your transition periods-do you run it all the way through the year? At the moment ours is done in the 3rd term but the preschool department are pushing for a change. They say that in most schools the Yr1 teachers go into the preschool 3-4 afternoons a week, is this true?

  6. Could I be cheeky and ask for a copy too please? Its my second year in yr1 and we are looking at transition tjis year.
    sarahjayne19 @ gmail.com
  7. please could i have a look too please, im in year one ans woud love to see what kind of things u put out...

  8. If there's any chance someone would send me a copy I would much appreciate it. Am going for a Y1 job in Sept and would like to be better informed.
  9. Me too please!

    Am starting as an NQT with year 1/2 class and don't want to be seen as the weak link in the Key Stage!


    Many thanks.

  10. I'm moving into year 1 from y3 in September. Is there any chance someone could send the plans onto me too PLEASE?

  11. Having not ever taught Year 1 I also very daunted by this prospect. Is it possible to be sent the plans also?
  12. Hi! Could someone send me a copy to. I've just been told that I'm moving to year 1 next Sept from year 5!!!! So I would love some ideas. Many Thanks Amy x

  13. Hi, I'd really love a copy too. We are trying to re-organise our planning in year one. I'd be so grateful. Thanks.

  14. M H

    M H

    Please can I have a copy of your planning too? I will be teaching Year 1s in the morning, but Year 1 & 2 in the afternoons- so would appreciate ideas.
  15. Please could I have a copy too? Am just looking at the ELGs now to inform my planning. (or if anyone else already has it could they forward it on please?)

  16. baileyblade

    baileyblade New commenter

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