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Strongbow Cider - Cairo

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mo_jo, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Can you get strongbow in Cairo?!! If yes, where? thanks
  2. Can you get strongbow in Cairo?!! If yes, where? thanks
  3. No.
    The Brit Embassy has a staff bar called the Phoenix club. Occasionally, ex-pats are invited to it and they do have canned cider on those nights. Not sure if it is Strongbow. It's the same with Guinness and ales.
    Most ex-pats drink Stella (not Artois) and Sakara, both lagers and easily as good as European lagers.
    Around St. Patrick's, the Marriott Hotel bar (Harry's) will sell you a can of Guinness for about £12. Thieving bastuds.

  4. thank you, husband will not be happy!! He'll have to learn to like lager!!
  5. You could always do what I did and sneak some cider into your suitcase. Also, if you are lucky there are occasional ciders on sale in the Duty Free.
  6. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    The embassy pub nights normally have a stock of cider until about 30 minutes after I arrive!
  7. Yes, I was thinking about doing that! Thanks
  8. richev

    richev New commenter

    Anyone know the situation as regards cider in Kazakhstan?
  9. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    Probably promising. Almaty means 'full of apples' and has a tourist thingy advertised called 'Apple Town'. If not I'm sure some vodka and apple juice would be a reasonable substitute.

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