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Strikers - what are you doing today?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by chocolate_cupcake, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. So, what are you up to today?
  2. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I'm in Scotland and we are not striking up here and I'm not working today anyway, BUT these are minor issues and if Baubs lets me, I might hang out in his bar and show my <strike>capacity for over indulgence</strike> my support for the cause.
  3. Spending the day sunbathing in my friends garden! Might do some housework later as I never normally get the time!
  4. This morning: planning for next year
    This afternoon: baking cakes
    Later this afternoon: going to Meadowhell to try and buy something to wear to prom tomorrow
    This evening: ice aforementioned cakes, ready to take to school tomorrow
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Popping to the shops later then lunch with my OH
  6. Cervinia

    Cervinia Occasional commenter

    Going on a march shortly, bit of shopping in town, gardening if the weather holds out.
  7. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    School work this morning, just about to leave for the rally in Liverpool, then more school work.
  8. bedingfield

    bedingfield New commenter

    Tidying the house, walking the dog and off to the local rally later.
    Oh, and back home in time to meet daughter from school as she has had to go in today (and she is not too happy about it).
  9. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    Eating cake :)
  10. ditwee

    ditwee New commenter

    Off to a rally and a bit of sauntering round town.
  11. Shouting at BBC News 24, particularly when any member of the Cabinet appears. Then I might go to the rally in town. Wasn't going to but the more I see the Cabinet, the more militant I become.
  12. casper

    casper New commenter

    If you think News 24 is bad DON'T look at MUMsNET, that will really raise your blood pressure.
  13. Isn't it well known though that Mumsnet is for the sad, lonely (either because their husbands have run off with the nanny, or because they are so awful the husband just can't deal with it any longer so spends 90% of their time at the office), up themselves tw*ts of the female race who think just because they have managed to reproduce, they obviously know far more than anyone else in the entire universe? [​IMG]

    (Disclaimer - sure there are a couple of women who use it who aren't complete t*ts, but the majority in my experience are complete shockers).
  14. I found that as well.
    It was Tessa Jowel this morning who got my blood boiling by implying that I am an over paid, over qualified baby sitter. And she's not even in the *** government any more.
    And Gove on Marr on Sunday who persuaded me I was doing the right thing by striking.
    SoW done, now to bake some cakes.

  15. Took my car in for its service first thing, and haven't had it back yet - faults to fix apparently! :-( Been in garden working this morning, lunch time now, then pick car up and shopping, then out with OH later.
  16. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Watching the biased news reporting this morning has got me so mad I'm tackling the long-overdue task of clearing out my larder cupboard! (I need to be in a ruthless mood to 'ditch' for this!)
  17. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Spent some time with my four lovely grandsons.
  18. Went to a rally and then went into town for the first time for ages as I'm usually too tired on Saturdays and spent money I haven't got. It's expensive this being off work business. I did some planning this morning and I'm about to do some more.
    Not many parents of the childrne in my class work and another 2 are on holiday so I'm not causing many parents to miss work.
  19. Interesting to see that so many of us who have a reckless disregard for the education of the pupils in our care (allegedly) have spent so much unpaid time doing work for school today. Just shows what sort of a profession we really are - unlike what Gove would have the public believe.
  20. razziegyp

    razziegyp New commenter

    Too true.........randomly bought a rather nice deck chair after the march this morning.......didn't mean to but couldn't help myself........[​IMG]

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