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Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Edukate, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Edukate

    Edukate New commenter

    Virtually all staff at my school have decided to strike (me included), leaving only 2 teachers available in the morning (there are 7 classes), so clearly we have decided to close. However, the Governors have decided to try and open the school to the children of 'essential workers'. I have real concerns re health and safety but know how determined some of the Governors are. Should I let them just get on with it, or fight it? Its more complicated as its a Foundation school. Any advice gratefully received.
  2. They need to understand insurance cover, their decision their risk & liability. You are employed to keep the children safe so have a duty to tell them the risks are too high for them to do this and you have a duty of care not to put any child at risk. They leave themselves highly vulnerable by going against your advice. Document everything.
  3. I'm sure they are quite capable of sorting out the cover etc. Governors are probably despairing, i should think. All power to their elbow.
  4. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Youre ultimately responsible for health and safety. If something happens to a child you will be liable. The decision lies with you as it will be your neck on the block. I think you need to seek union advice.
  5. I wonder what that will be?!
  6. Having read your post on the DfE forum, your replies on this thread now become clear, walnuthead. Do let us know what David Cameron's response is.
  7. reg1950

    reg1950 New commenter

    DFE say that it's the headteachers decison whether to close the school or not taking h & s into account. It isn't the governors decision. Consult them yes and take into account thir views, but it isn't in their power to order you keep the school open.
  8. You are quite correct.
    Governors do not even have a right of entry to the school, even though some seem to think they own them!
    You need to make it clear that the decision is yours. You will advise them of your decision and hope for their support.
    BTW have they indicated who they think are essential workers and do they understand how those who they would not include in this category feel if they were denied access for their children?
    Who would they have to staff the school? Would whoever they get be CRB checked? Even if they could go down this dangerous route do they fully understand what they would be letting themselves in for? probably not.
    If you feel this is getting out of control contact a Regional Officer of your union.
  9. Answer that one Walnut head!
    Well done to the striking school. My advice is to seek a reconstitution of the Governing Body and get rid of a few. What a set of fools.
    Is it just me or do you feel the tories are clutching at straws?
    • "just do it for 15 minutes"
    • Take your children to work with you
    • half hearted concessions, after saying they would not compromise(Dougie Alexander the burke!)
    It is really good to see the chinless wonders quirm.
    Walnut. How many chins have you got? 0 or more than 2?
  10. P.S

    I am changing my profile picture. Someone has taken the intended offence.
    Sure I can find something equally relevant if a little bit more subtle.

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