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Strike - should the letter to parents be impartial?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by jamieoliver, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Your view is not an impartial view either. By the very nature of your actions you are biased/in a biased position, and my feeling is that you should deliver a professional letter to the parents from your professional role, stating the facts. As a parent of a child in your school, if I had made an informed decision about the validity of this strike and disagreed with you for striking I would be pretty peed off if I perceived your letter to be political/soapbox in tone.
  2. I don't agree. Parents think the press stinks. They respect Teachers and are asking for our honest view about the reasons for the strike. They respect us because we give their children an excellent education and so much more. The press try to tell Parents to mistrust us but they don't. They can make their own mind up after hearing opinions they have asked for. Go ahead and tell them why Teachers at your school feel they have to strike next week.
  3. As an NAHT rep I would like to point out that HTs letters to parents must be completely apolitical and not offer any opinion etc. To do otherwise could put them in breach of contract. The NAHT model letter has been checked by their legal team to ensure it is appropriate for widespread use.

  4. Do you really believe this? Going back to the original question, I am sure you would be in breach of contract if you abused your position and used public money (in both your time and resources) to espouse your political views in this manner. On the other hand, shouldn't teachers who are not striking, but cannot come into work (as their school is closed) be afforded the courtesy of informing parents that they have taken their duties seriously and not gone on strike.
    ? Otherwise we all get tarred with the same brush.
  5. No one is suggesting that Parents are forced to read a political view from a Head teacher or that you impose a political view in some way. If you read this thread I have suggested that you give more information if it is requested. Parents are generally sensible people who can make their own minds up given a good range of information. Where any of us stand on striking as Heads is irrelevant. I have explained the position of a large body of teachers who are choosing to strike in detail, if requested verbally. There is a place to share information if patents have no way of finding out one side of a dispute if all they see and read in the press is one sided. Parents often want more information and feel patronised by schools and held at arms length. You can give information without bias, a skill worth acquiring.
  6. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Thank you all for your replies.

    And I almost agree that it should be apolitical. but... I though you would be interested in what I did send to the parents.

    "I know you are aware of how hard our teacher?s work and how passionately they believe in education. There is no doubt that the decision to go on strike has been a difficult one for staff who are wholly committed to the school and your child?s education.

    We teach our children to have the courage to act in line with their conscience. I would expect every member of staff to do the same and demonstrate this courage in their daily lives. Therefore, I trust that the respect for all staff of the school remains as strong as it has been despite the inconvenience caused and I thank you for your ongoing trust and support."
  7. What a load of sh@t. Courage? Sheep.
  8. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Walnuthead or walnutbrain?-
    I don't know what world you are in or even the role you play.
    Courage? Sheep?
    I had a teacher in tears because of the dilemma. for them they demonstrated great courage.
    I have two teacher who simply can not afford to take action, but have decided to make a sacrifice just to follow the sheep I think not!
    I have two teachers choosing not to take action - putting themselves at odd to (in opposition to) the rest of their colleagues - that shows courage.
    Clearly you do not know what is happening in staffrooms across this country.
  9. Ignore them, they are winding it up all over the forums about the strikes and are not worth the effort.
  10. Yes, they sure are. Terrible isn't it... this strike.
  11. Yes, I do, I spend a lot of time in my own.
  12. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Speaks volumes.
  13. Not ON my own, in my own staffroom. Like at lunchtimes, listening to them whinging on.
  14. Crikey! I bet they really feel you're a supportive head! The staff room isn't yours, it belongs to everyone. I'd 'whinge' if you were my Head!
  15. I do not know what is going on in staffrooms around the country since I have not been in one for so long.
    But do the occupants of all those staffrooms around the country know what is going on outside them and particulary in the homes of over 100,000 teachers who cannot get any steady work in schools? Have they been able to talk to any of those unemployed teachers? Have they really talked to any of the supply teachers who want to work - in fact have they even seen any supply teachers in their schools?
  16. I never said I was a head, just 'my own staffroom', as in the one that I inhabit the most. Not meaning that it belongs to me...
  17. Walnuthead is the sad one in the corner with crusts off its sandwiches. Never read a book. Has no understanding of life beyond its poodle. You know the one who organises the christmas night out so that,
    a) it gets invited
    b) it is close to their home
    Appears on every Strike thread and is obviously a government plant due to the complete selfish incoherence witin its argument.
    Disregard it.
  18. ......... and is obviously neither a headteacher or anyone with experience or leadership potential.
  19. walnuthead is as entitled to voice his opinions as much as any other poster. He just appears to be in the minority (of posters) in this instance.
  20. No you shouldn't remain impartial. The whole idea of striking, is to get your point heard. Let the parents know exactly what your reasons are for striking. If you don't fight your corner, who will?

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