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Strike pay deductions

Discussion in 'Personal' started by thelmaward, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Just got pay slip and am being charged way more than NUT said we would lose! NQT was charged twice as much as NUT said. This is not very helpful of NUT.
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    You should have lost 1/366 of your annual pay.
  3. I know, I am still working it out with my log rule and slide tables. but still cross at NUT for giving wrong impression.
  4. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    What did your rep say you'd lose?

    Will the NUT pay me anything towards my lost wages?
    Of course, you will not be paid by your employers for a day on which you withdraw your labour. Your contract of employment anticipates that you may at some time be on strike and provides that for a strike day your normal pay will be reduced by 1/365th, one calendar day, of your annual salary.

    The Union cannot compensate members for loss of pay in a national strike. A 1/365th deduction in respect of the strike day on 24th April 2008 is a sacrifice. For NQTs on M1, the loss in take home pay would be some £35 to £40.  For teachers on UPS3, the loss in take home pay would be around £70 after tax and other deductions. 

    The Union believes it is a sacrifice worth making. There is a lot at stake. The Government?s below inflation pay increases, however, are depriving you of £3 to £5 every day and it gets worse whilst current pay policy in relation to teachers and others in the public sector continues.

    Your Local Association will be considering arrangements to assist any member who will suffer particular hardship as a result of losing a day?s pay and you should contact your local secretary in the first instant whose details are on your membership card should you wish to seek assistance.

    (This link will download a .doc file)
  6. £35 a day! What a bloody joke!
  7. what joke?

    that is not what we are paid, we are paid rather more

    even after tax 35*365/195=65

  8. That is what I am saying. They told us an NQT would lose about £40, she lost £80. They told us I would lose about £70 and I lost about £100. That is quite a difference!
    I did my bit for the union, but I did expect them to give me accurate information.
  9. Hmm I suppose so, Lads.
  10. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    You must be earning a packet to lose £100!
  11. thelmaward

    You lost 100 after tax and deductions?
  12. I'm an NQT normal M1 and we got told we'd lose around £35 it was actually £52. I don't mind so much but would appreicate some feedback etc followig strike as at the mo it feels like I've lost it for nothing.
    (I was and still am fully supportive of strike)
  13. I'm an NQT and I lost £55.16. I was told by union rep that it would be somewhere between £35 and £40.
  14. I guess the discrepancy comes by what teachers pay conditions are.
    If we get paid 365 days of the year then it is your salary divided by 365 (according to the NUT guidelines I put above.)
    If we only get paid during the 195 days we teach, and our holidays are in fact unpaid then the salary should be divided by 195 as Lads says. Which would lead to more being deducted.
  15. I lost 100 pounds too! :(
  16. "The pay deduction is set out in your contract as 1/365th of your annual salary. The
    deduction will depend on where you work and on your personal tax code. It will be around
    £35-40 for NQTs and £70-80 for teachers on UPS3, after tax and other deductions. The
    Government?s below inflation pay increases, however, are currently depriving teachers of at
    least £2 and in some cases much more, every day."

    From the NUT website. Just worked it out on my calculator and £55.16 is correct - don't know where the NUT got £35-£40 from. Feeling quite cheesed off about that.
  17. I've definitely had 1/195 of my salary taken off - £175!!! And I'm not promoted staff. How can this be right?
  18. This is what was deducted from pay for anyone on strike at our place, not 1/365th. We were sent prior notice from the principal confirming the deduction so it must have been put past all the union reps.
  19. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    I've had 1/356 taken off. It looks like a lot initially but the difference between my take home pay in the month that it hasn't been taken off vs where it has is £75 once tax etc is taken into account.
  20. Crikey, hold on. Are people suggesting that the Unions have manipulated the figures to convince people that they won't lose as much as they did.
    Who would have thought it eh?

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