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Strike Pay / Additional Pay

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Compassman, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Compassman

    Compassman Star commenter

    Should be 1/365 of your annual salary. This should be around £70. If you have had 1/195 then this is wrong.
  2. Yes, I think it is wrong. Think I have been deducted based on my actual salary (1/365th of 2 days at M6) rather than my full-time salary. This means I have been deducted £35 less than my colleague who is on the same grade but works full time.
    Does this mean that when I work an extra day I only get paid 1/365th of the annual salary too? That doesn't seem right as I would have thought it would have included an element for holidays like supply teachers get. Surely a teachers' daily rate is 1/195th of their salary as they are only contracted to work 195 days. Supply teachers get paid 1/195th of salary for a day's work (assuming they do INSET days too) so why shouldn't part-time teachers for the extra days they work.
    Here's a question ... unlikely I know but if someone was on strike for the full 195 days per day, does that mean that would get deducted 195/365th of salary and still get paid the rest, ie. 47% of their salary when they haven't worked a day all year. That doesn't seem right somehow.
    Here's another question ... if someone worked 195 days of the year on an overtime basis (or extra days on top of their part-time work), does this mean that they would only get paid 195/365th of their salary?
    If someone had a 0.8FTE contract (292/365th) of salary but worked the other day every day for a full year, does this they would only get paid 39/365th for the extra days. This only works out at 331/365th (90%) of the equivalent full-time salary which again doesn't seem right.
    I need to check my pay slips and see what extra I have been paid for extra days worked. Surely the amount deducted for strike action should be the same as an extra day's pay for covering for a colleague?
  3. You shouldn't have gone on strike then there wouldn't have been any problem. Look where it has got you. Sort it out yourself.

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