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Strike June 30 - so that's another days money lost....

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by hakkinen, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. S o the NUT sent me a letter saying my membership has lapsed and a form to fill in to say why......

    I may fill in mine saying because you rolled over and allowed Cover Supervisors and unqualified staff to teach and not supported Supply Teachers at all and as I have to pay so much money in SUBS with a decline in work and income I can't afford to pay it......

    now a strike looms so that's another day's money it looks like I'll lose then.....

    thanks very much....not............
  2. I think you would find that the NUT was the only union which did not support the original workload aggreement thing.
    I used to be NASUWT, who seemed to actively support the whole maliigned (from a supply view) show.
    As a supply I take the personal choice and risk of not paying any teaching union subs.
    The best thing we supply could do would be a mass union resignation.
  3. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    Regarding the strike - which I just saw on the 10 O'clock news. I feel a little peeved that the unions are backing permanent teachers about their pensions yet they do absolutely nothing about the fact that we get no pension as a supply or for some, hardly any work. My lack of pension is my only regret in my job and it would be heavenly if it could be addressed but I recognise that the country cannot afford it. Only last week I heard a policeman comment that they get 50% of their wage when they retire! We are all in this thing together and have to acknowledge that simply because we opt to do a specific job does no mean that the rest of taxpayers should pay massively into our pension fund. Sorry, that is my little rant!!
  4. Disgraceful. appalling and utterly unacceptable for headteachers and the unions to support the employment of unqualified staff as cover teachers!!! Self-serving, hypocritical ***!
    It just shows what a load of dimwits some teachers are!?
  5. A plea to all supply teachers:- go along to your local school and talk to any teachers there who may be forming a picket line. Talk to them and explain to them how their colleagues who act as supply teachers are being betrayed by the system.
    Ask them who does the teaching when they are absent or on their PPA time (which is NOT absence) and how that has affected supply teachers.
    Ask them how many children are without a qualified teacher to teach them and for how long that happens.
    Ask them how many times they are without the support of a TA during their lesson because their TA has been taken to teach or supervise another class.
    Ask them how many unqualified teachers are taking PPA time when supply teachers are available to do the work - in the case of instructors this could be illegal since legally instructors can only be used for as long as there are no qualified teachers available.
    I would guess that there are very few full time teachers who are really aware of what is really going on as far as supply teachers are concerned and how their supply colleagues are being affected. I would also guess that many full time staff have never seen a supply teacher in their school for many months since all cover and PPA teaching has been done by their support staff.
  6. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    So, if we're not in a union can we cross a picket line? And if we sre in a union can we cross it? Sorry if this sounds a bit 'dim' but I've never been in this position before!
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I'm with the ATL and did NOT get a ballot paper. I think that they regard all supply teachers as agency workers and thus not in the pension, so didn't include us. Great! I'm an LA supply teacher and I'm in the TPS.
    Today they sent me an email stating that those who were not balloted should make themselves available for work on the 30th June. Apparently we can go to work if any schools stay open and employ us nad thye suggested that we shopw solidarity by wearing something yellow nad our ATL badge!
    I'm looking forward to getting a full day of work and pay instaed of the odd part-day here and there since September. I've been averaging 2-4 hours per MONTH since September. I could expect double my usual pay at the end of July if this strike goes ahead!
  8. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Spoke to my Agency today and it's bad news.
    It appears that it will be illegal for an Agency to supply staff to cover striking staff.
    So we won't be in for a bonanza on 30th June after all.
  9. I had a day's work booked in for the strike day already which I assume won't go ahead (looking at the line the school took last strike action which was closure).
    I've got actually bog all sympathy with the full-timers feeling the pain now to be honest. They're the same who cooed and giggled and came on here to gloat at supply hurting with the march of cover supervisors - they sat and rejoiced at a sector of teaching essentially getting its earnings cut by a half - and yet they expect our help and solidarity to protect their pensions?
    Not Happening.
  10. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I am a member of the ATL, who said I could not vote on the issue of the strike, because I am not in the pension or in a permament post. Then today they sent me an email, saying that I could work on the strike day, if I was asked to, this poses the issue do we cross the picket line (if a school is open and get blacklisted as a scap or we do we do not cross, despite the loss of scarse income? I think most schools will be shut anyway.
    I think I am annoying the policy unit and leadership of the ATL with the demand that campaign for support staff be banned from teaching, covering and supervising lessons, besides other issues.

  11. Thanks for all the comments on here - it's great to get a reaction -
    unfortunately as Belle says - i'm unsure about legal standpoint but agencies won't send you in on a strike day - it will probably be a moot point as most will close.....hey as we lose anyway why not schedule it for Friday at least so we can have a long weekend - now we'll be off on a thursday and back friday then off again.....
    it's not long till summer then prospects of no work for 6 weeks if can't pick up a casual job if my house doesn't sell and I don't end up moving away after all. So thanks very much..........
    I know the NASUWT did roll over quite happily and maybe the NUT did not agree to workload agreement but I don't recall them fighting that hard in our corner to be honest - i think the prospects of permanent staff not covering was an appealing prospect..........
    as I said at the time though - once you allow unqualified staff to teach at all in any capacity how long before one bright spark says.....hang on...they're already teaching...it's set for everyone - we don't actually need qualified teachers at all......and actually with the net we can do remote learning and kids could stay at home and we can shut a few schools save a fortune in buildings and wages......
    hmmmm sounds absolutely nonsensical, would never happen? I don't know stranger things than that have...and maybe not the extreme i offer but a watered down version sees you no longer needing a qualification to teach....well you don't need any to be an MP either do you?

  12. Just like to say..

    NUt sent me a letter saying that as I was a supply teacher, Iwould not be sent a ballot from to vote for the strike!!, hmmm, fully paid union member, money in teachers pension, looking for a permanant position, but not allowed to vote?!?!!. I would walk through a picket line head held high.If i cant vote, then any action is not for me!!
    I am also currently working in a call centre due to the utter lack of work available for supply teachers, and being offered supply cover supervisor for &pound;50 a day.I am a science/maths teacher by the way, so work was alaways plentiful. All agencies only have teachers on books, so its getting a cheap teacher. I am taking home &pound;350 a week in this call centre, and it is less stress and easy.

    The NUT did not sign to the workload agreement, yes, but have done sod all to oppose its expansion. I know of at least 2 secondary schools who have had no supply in all year. Policies are now moving to all cover to be done internally. Supply is dead, as far as being able to make a living out of.
    The unions should hang their heads in shame for letting this happen, and watch out permant teachers, you will be eroded away (pay, conditions) over the next couple of years!

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