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Strike day for non union members

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ROSIEGIRL, Nov 22, 2011.


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    There should be some arrangements in place for those not striking to register their availability for work that day.
  2. kareneliot

    kareneliot Occasional commenter

    That is not right. You are available for work and should be paid. If your place of work is closed by the employer for whatever reason, that is not your fault (as it would be if there was say, a power failure) you should be paid. Your employer is entitled to request you to work at an alternative location for the day.
    You do need to indicate your interntion to work or pitch-up on the day, to show you were willing.
    The above is employment in general and not school specific (i.e there may be specific reasons why you cannot work elsewhere).
  3. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    I'm not striking wither, but the school is still going to be shut. Non-striking colleagues are to attend work as usual and sign a register so we still get paid. No show, no money.
  4. Thankyou for all of your responses, I will be consulting with my colleagues and informing my employer again of my willingness to work and shall see at the end of the month if they have taken a days wage away from me. Its nice to know where i stand though :) thanks again!

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